With the 8th pick in the first round, the Tennessee Titans select…

The Titans have the eighth pick in the first round. As much as I want them to trade for Kevin Kolb with that pick, that’s not going to happen. I could see them maybe trading their 2012 #1 for him in hopes of it being a pick later in the round.

Titan fans have to get nervous about the pick because of recent history in the top ten. We have the back-to-back whiffs of PacMan and Vince Young. Both players weren’t complete busts, yet you have to expect a solid consistent starter if not All-Pro material out of such a pick. With those criteria, they did not hit.

The team’s been great with picks later in the round. The four years since Vince have yielded Michael Griffin, Chris Johnson, Kenny Britt and Derrick Morgan. Albert Haynesworth was a mid first-round selection.

Naturally we want to know if this is going to be a bust pick or a boom pick. Ask me again in 2015. What I do know is this draft lacks a true obvious number one pick. In mock drafts I’m seeing the Titans end up with guys who in other mocks are the number one overall pick. Nick Fairley was once considered “fair game” as the number one pick. He’s been slipping. The Titans have Auburn DL coach Tracy Rocker on board to assist with the transition. Defensive end Da’Quan Bowers is another potential number one overall pick who could slip. Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert is another possibility, although I’m pretty sure that he won’t slip. If Julio Jones ends up taken ahead of A.J. Green, there’s a chance Green would slip to eight. In short, the Titans are going to get a very good player at that pick.

One player I haven’t seen dropping is Von Miller of Texas A&M. The Titans could use an outside linebacker but it’s not going to happen in the first round.

The latest Scouts Inc. top 32 player list has an astounding 13 defensive linemen, and the Titans certainly could use help in that area. It also means that the position could be in play for the second round.

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