Zach on Fantasy: Dynasty trade offer featuring Crabtree

I only need a little bit of engagement. I had a trade offer in my dynasty league, and it got the fantasy juices flowing.

There was a problem with the trade right off. I have one owner in our league who is very keen on buying low. He also takes advantage of our emotions. When Sidney Rice was injured, he made a lowball offer (3rd round rookie pick and Jabar Gaffney). I wasn’t offended. I respected him more for the offer. He got Vincent Jackson last year July for a pittance. The pittance was Arian Foster, Steve Slaton and a fourth round draft pick. Yeah, the trades don’t always work out for him.

I had to think about the offer. It was Michael Crabtree for a two draft picks. It was pick 1.11 and 2.11 for the disappointing 49er. I took Crabtree two rookie drafts ago at 1.02. My RB options at that point were Donald Brown and Chris Wells. I can’t say I made the wrong decision. Still, Hakeem Nicks at 1.08 has turned out to be the more valuable selection. It’s hard to get value off the second overall pick.

Taking league scoring into effect, Crabtree finished 37th last year. I would have predicted lower. We can start up for four wideouts so Crabtree is a potential starter. I benched him a lot for the likes of Mike Thomas and later in the year, Sidney Rice. If you want a true measure of Crabtree’s value last year, note that Anthony Armstrong, a guy I picked up off waivers, scored two fewer points than Crabtree last year.

I couldn’t make the deal. It seems like a deep rookie draft, if not top-heavy. The 11th pick might net me a QB, the third or fourth WR, or the sixth or seventh RB. The second round pick would go to a high-rated IDPer or a shot-in-the-dark WR or RB who might not make a roster. Crabtree’s still young, as he entered the draft as a redshirt sophomore. If he had exhausted his college eligibility, he’d be a rookie this year.

I thanked Tick for his interest and moved on.

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