Fantasy Baseball: Drafting with Air

I had high hopes for my fantasy baseball league. I really did. I wanted to get involved in a 2011 league. The downside to it all was that I set up the league on Sunday night and set the draft for Wednesday. Another slight issue was that I only invited the folks in my local keeper fantasy football league. I got six guys and I was on the verge of eight. Talking my father-in-law through the pages to get him signed into Yahoo was tough enough. The ultimate frustration was when I found out that by the time he got accepted, it was six minutes past the deadline for him to join my league.

We were going to draft a fantasy baseball league, a head-to-head league, with six teams. I set the league up for eight playoff teams. I’m going to play each of my five opponents four times. It was too late to change and I was locked in.

The draft started at 7. It was over at 7:26. Two of the six drafters showed up and one was my dad who had another league to draft in starting at 7:30. My dad’s in more fantasy baseball leagues then me. He’ll be semi-retired in a few months so he has nothing but time. I picked my players but my heart wasn’t quite in it. With a total draft load of 120 players, everyone’s going to have an all-world squad and MVP candidates are going to be available on the waiver wire. I had the number one pick, and by the time the final choice came to me, I took the Flying Hawaiian in Shane Victorino. It was the 120th pick and I took the 73rd overall ranked player. In a normal 12-team league, he’s an 8th rounder probably.

Here’s my team, because I’m like that:

C: Matt Wieters (16.06, 96th pick)

1B: Albert Pujols (1.01)

2B: Chase Utley (11.01, 61st pick)

SS: Alexei Ramirez (12.06, 72nd pick)

3B: Alex Rodriguez (2.06, 12th pick)

OF: Matt Holliday (4.06, 24th pick)

Justin Upton (6.06, 36th pick)

Ichiro Suzuki (8.06, 48th pick)

Utilities: Billy Butler (13.01, 79th pick)

Shane Victorino, (20.06, 120th pick)

Starting pitchers:

Roy Halladay (3.01, 13th pick)

Tim Lincecum (5.01, 25th pick)

Clayton Kershaw (7.01, 37th pick)

Ubaldo Jimenez (9.01, 49th pick)

David Price (10.06, 60th pick)

Max Scherzer (14.06, 84th pick)

Chris Carpenter (15.01, 85th pick)

Relief pitchers:

Jonathan Broxton (17.01, 97th pick)

Brad Lidge (18.06, 108th pick, and we have DL slots)

Matt Thronton (19.01, 109th pick)

What a beaut. I hope DL spots get cleared up by tomorrow so I can make my update.

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