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I’m a big fan of Twitter. Sure, I’m seeing Facebook on the side, but Twitter knows that I’m just stringing Facebook along. One of my favorite Twitter traditions is the follow Friday, or #FF for the hashtag-savvy.

I have been poor to keep up with follow Friday for the past couple of months, so I am going to make today’s blog into a longer version.

I’ve been a fan of Andy_Miley since we was Anakin. Let’s face it. Mr. Miley has changed his Twitter identity a lot. He’s not a fan of brand consistency. What he does is follow fantasy football on his new site Dynasty Blitz. I’m going to link to his latest article to show the love, and yes Andy, I finally can say love without giggling like a schoolgirl.

I am also a huge fan of Bryan Fontaine. He is the partner in crime with Andy on Dynasty Blitz. I had him review the rookies I projected would make fantasy impact in 2011 in my manuscript Pride of the Lions. He’s a nice fella.

No fantasy football list would be complete without the tireless FantasyTaz. Taz does at least 700 podcasts a week and once in a while, he lets Andy talk. He also put together the Draftmaster series of mock fantasy drafts that have kept a lot of us from going into a lockout-related funk.

Three guys who may not need any more fans but deserve attention are the regular hosts of the Thursday night Audible show. Cecil Lammey does the sports talk thing full time and is a heck of a show point guard. Sigmund Bloom brings the thunder with great takes. Matt Waldman is the rookie guru with his recently published Rookie Scouting Portfolio. I might like him slightly more because he’s a Titans fan and lives in nearby Athens. They’re all good people.

JerodMSF is a die-hard Indiana fan. Anyone can be a fan of a program that’s on top. Indiana basketball does not qualify. He still shows the love the way an emotionally stunted sports fan should. He’s also a White Sox fan. His photo stories, including today’s hilarious One Win Hunting, are worth your time. The dude might like Photoshop a bit too much.

I really don’t know what BradonSPORTS does besides irritate people. He’s strong with the opinions on the upcoming draft. I’m honest that I do not know much about the rookies. Others are not so modest and Brad points that out on a regular basis. I told him that the Panthers should draft Cam Newton and run the triple option with Jonathan Stewart at fullback and DeAngelo Williams at RB. Are you telling me that it wouldn’t terrify defensive coordinators a bit?

The only Titans blog I visit on a regular basis (first Web site to pop up when I’m at work, sadly) is Music City Miracles. Follow TitansMCM because I said so.

My last follow of the day is Chetrazzball. He’s depressed like the lot of us because it’s baseball season but that doesn’t stop him from Tweeting like a sugar-addled teenage girl. Plus the name Razzball is bad-arse.

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