This week in hot Titans draft talk

I hate how people mis-use the word “unique”. A reference will be to a “very unique” player with a “unusually unique” skill set. Listen, unique means unlike any other and requires no adverbial adornment.

I’ll process my thoughts on Kenny Britt since the news cycle is finished with him for now. If the Titans’ draft board was in any way affected by his arrest, Mike Reinfeldt doesn’t deserve his extension. The team is more aware of Britt’s issues than the fans. They saw his lack of conditioning last year. They’re aware of off-the-field issues that we don’t even know about. The franchise has their best WR corps since the Mason/Bennett days. It’s still bottom half in the league and if Julio Jones is available at the eighth pick, they should seriously consider the move.

Should the team’s draft plans change because of the lack of free agency? If free agency continued as usual this offseason, otherwise known as the unoffseason, the Titans would have signed a QB or two by now. When there’s a labor deal and free agency resumes, the team will still need to sign a QB or two. Even though QB is the most visible position on the team, there shouldn’t be a feeling of desperation. The teams that trade up in desperation to get one of the second-tier QBs will be taking a huge risk. I don’t want the Titans to be that team.

I really believe that 2011 is going to be a rebuilding year for the team and the draft is the first part of it. Next year’s offseason will be critical since Munchak and Friends decided to keep the Fisher system intact. You can’t make major changes to offensive/defensive philosophy when you can’t talk to the players.

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