First-round wish list

The NFL draft is two days away. I still have a very fantasy-centric view of things. I do not know how the various offensive and defensive linemen stack up. I could name maybe three draft-eligible linebackers. One thing I know is who I want the Titans to take.

I’m sure the brain trust in Nashville is waiting for my blog post so they can breathe easier. After carefully considering the options, here’s who I would like them to take.

Nick Fairley: Despite all the negative press, talk of his “one-year-wonder” status and the generally bust-tastic nature of the position in the first round, I’ll take him. If he’s available at 8 and the Titans, who hired his defensive line coach, pass, you know the red flags were for real.

Da’Quan Bowers: According to reports, either he had knee-replacement surgery or the kind of minor clean-up half the league has to endure on an annual basis. Once again, I trust the scouts. If they think he’s worth the risk, he’ll be an excellent bookend.

Julio Jones: The Titans had to be thinking about the excellent Alabama receiver before the Kenny Britt Cops moment. Great receivers will help whatever rookie or free agent QB the Titans sign. You know Jones can block downfield. And unlike Nate Washington, he can catch the ball.

Blaine Gabbert: I was public about wanting Kolb over Gabbert. Well, free agency is only a wish and a dream at this point. I believe that Gabbert will be a top-half starter in the league by 2012. This year will be a redshirt for him.

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