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It seemed like nonsense that the Titans would take a QB not named Blaine Gabbert with their first-round draft pick. Gabbert and Cam Newton were considered, at least in drafting terms, the top two guys. There was such a low chance that either would be available at 8 that it was laughable even to consider talking about it. When the 8th pick came up, Gabbert was available and like the trained monkey I am I wanted the Titans to draft him. They took Jake Locker.

Andy Dalton lost seven games in four years as a college starter. Locker lost six games last year, and needed a three-game winning streak just to finish 6-6. I do respect him and his Washington teammates for beating Nebraska in the Holiday Bowl. In two games against Nebraska last season, Locker went 9-36 passing. That is not a typo. Luckily, the always awesome Music City Miracles posted this video.

He’s a really likable guy. I think Vince Young was plenty likable but he assumed that he was great and didn’t need to work hard to maintain that in the National Football League. I am convinced that Locker will work as hard as he can to be an elite QB. I’m not convinced that he will. You can say that I’m a bit more of a skeptic than when Vince Young was drafted.

The team smartly used a majority of their draft picks on defense. You have two linebackers, which means the end of the Stephen Tulloch most likely. I would say bye to Will Witherspoon even if he’s going to be a two-down guy.

Jamie Harper from Clemson is an interesting pick. He feels a bit like Chris Henry, a guy with great measurables who didn’t have much college production. At least Harper’s a fourth-round compensatory pick who’s going to struggle to make the field instead of a second-round pick who was an obvious reach. A fourth-rounder should make the roster but isn’t going to be expected to start, especially with Chris Johnson and Javon Ringer already on the roster. It is a bit of an admission that letting LaGarrette Blount go last year was a mistake.

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