Fantasy files: No deal is simple

I spent a weekend in Nashville visiting the folks. I thought that in between visiting the Ryman Auditorium and Brown’s diner that I’d make a trade offer to my dad.

My only successful attempt to bond with my dad over the past decade involves having him join two of my fantasy football leagues. It provides us with endless commentary over players, teams, and deals made and lost. In the time that we’ve been in leagues together, he has one title to my zero and gets the best of me on a regular basis.

I still consider him a neophyte to the hobby. I asked him in passing if he’d be interested in trading down from 1.04 to 1.06 in our upcoming rookie draft. While I was gauging interest, I really wanted the relative sure thing I thought would be the pick. At 1.06 I’m looking at Daniel Thomas and Mikel LeShoure. At 1.04, considering that we can start three running backs, I felt like getting Julio Jones was a lock and the two-spot move was worth it.

The question is the price. Moving up two slots in a draft that has 12 per round seems like a cheap proposition. I initially offered to trade my second-round pick for his third and that was the start of negotiations.

My father, seeming only tangentially interested in my offer, sent me a doozy the following morning. He offered me the 1.04 along with the 4.04 for my 1.12, 2.06, and 3.06. This wasn’t quite what I had in mind. I apparently had sold the sixth pick as worthless.

Last week I did a mock with the extra picks I acquired in the Vick deal. I had five picks in the top 30 and enjoyed the possibilities. If I make this deal, I get two picks in the top six, and only 2.12 between that and the fourth round. Other than hoping for some mid-tier RBs or WRs to drop, this deep class would pass me by. In exchange I get two guys who with some luck will be starters for the next five years and perhaps beyond. That wily dad.

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