Fantasy files: The continuing story of Trader Zach

I have to shake things up to make my dynasty league more interesting. In a league that had zero regular-season trades last year, I have stirred the cobwebs. I picked up Vick and draft picks for Josh Freeman, feeling strong in my conviction that I I could get value out of those picks to offset Freeman’s longer career tail. It took three attempts but it went through. I thought dangling Peyton Hillis for the 1.01 or 1.02 rookie would work. It did not. I then attempted to trade up to my dad’s 1.04 pick from 1.06. That didn’t work out when he wanted three of my acquired picks. I traded away my 1.06 pick in Mikel Leshoure in exchange for Marques Colston and two draft picks.

I failed in an offer of Chris Cooley for Jimmy Graham. Who knew a fifth-year senior who caught 17 passes would be one of the hottest dynasty tight ends?
Finally I got a couple of offers. My favorite owner who tries to pawn off the players he’s going to release for a late draft pick offered me Chester Taylor for a 2012 fifth-rounder. He tried to get Taylor for a second-rounder last year. I showed him. I traded my second-round pick for Jerome Harrison. After complaining on the message board about Mario Williams’ move to linebacker, he offered me a 2012 fourth-round pick for Williams. He tried to lowball me on Sidney Rice last year and Michael Crabtree this offseason. I’m not sure if we’ve ever consummated a trade, but it’s always interesting.

Last night I browsed through the rosters looking for DL bargains. With Williams moving on I have not much at defensive line. On a whim I offered my dad Mike Thomas for Osi Umenyiora. Thomas wasn’t going to start for me except for bye weeks. I could see him becoming a Derrick Mason or Donald Driver type. He could be a Brandon Stokley too. Umenyiora gives me a surefire top-ten DL, and I needed that.
I got greedy and followed up the offer, which was accepted so fast that I thought I probably could have asked for more, with an offer of Jason Babin for Derrick Morgan. That was not accepted.

The general dynasty advice is to treat it like the stock market. Diversify with youngsters and veterans. Including our auction period, I have added ten rookies, and will have eleven this time tomorrow night. At the same time I replaced Josh Freeman with Mike Vick, added Marques Colston, dropped Mike Thomas and picked up Osi Umenyiora.

The key to making trade offers in your league is twofold. In one part, you try to improve the team while at least giving the appearance of helping the other team. You are also building relationships with your leaguemates. It’s more fun to know your enemy, in a matter of speaking.

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