Fantasy files: Is Britt Cheech or Chong?

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Yeah, I’m angry at Kenny Britt. Take a look at his Pro Football Reference page and you see that he plead guilty to reckless driving on Wednesday and got arrested again on Thursday. Look at the page a little closer and see that on opening day 2011, assuming there is an opening day, he’s still going to be 22 years old. Jake Locker is older than Britt.

Age does not justify stupidity. He’s living a Cheech and Chong movie according to the arrest reports. The first time he ran from the cops. If he were a normal citizen, the felony charges probably would have stuck. He’s a star athlete so the charges were reduced. That’s a factor in him getting in trouble again without a doubt.

Is Britt the next Pacman? I think Pacman’s behavior was more concerning, since they involved people getting shot at strip clubs. For all of Britt’s off-field issues, none of them have included violence. All that has been involved to date is immaturity.

He’ll probably get suspended. Remember how Dwayne Bowe found his next gear as a pro after attending Larry Fitzgerald’s camp last year? Britt sure needs some tough love like that. While the rest of his teammates are attending makeshift practices, he’s smoking his way through the summer.

One impressive note from the practices is that 7th round draft pick Zach Clayton chose to practice with his semi-teammates rather than join his Auburn national title squad at the White House. Clayton was the third DT drafted by the Titans so he has an uphill road to climb to make the roster. You better believe that Cam Newton and Nick Fairley were in Washington. Their roster spots are secure.

I joined one of Taz’s countless mock drafts to keep the fantasy blood circulating. I got the 12 spot. When a draft is going somewhat slowly, it’s good to have two picks in a row. At the first turn I took Larry Fitzgerald and Rashard Mendenhall. There were better PPR options like Matt Forte and Darren McFadden but I felt like Mendenhall is the man in Pittsburgh. He may only catch 15 balls but 320 carries and 10+ touchdowns can be written in ink. Fitzgerald had a disappointing 2010. He still caught 90 passes. At the turn you have to anticipate what the league’s going to do in the 23 picks before your next selection. At the 3/4 turn I initially thought of going QB/TE. Antonio Gates was quite tempting. Since only Aaron Rodgers and Mike Vick were off the board, I thought about taking Brees but went with the steadier hand in Peyton Manning. I took Wes Welker and let Gates go. I feel like TE is deep and I knew a ton of wideouts would go before my next pick. In the 13 picks since I selected, five wideouts have gone. Also three tight ends, three QBs, and just two running backs have gone. Waiting on my RB2 might work out in the end.

There’s another Ask Your Fantasy Expert lined up for next Monday. I’ve enjoyed the process so far. My audience went up from mid single digits to double digits, so that’s promising. Triple digits is the goal.

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  1. TheBard June 9, 2011 at 6:42 pm #

    Great Article bro! very well written, Britt is causing way to much bad PR for all NFL players and especially his team. aside from CJ he is one of the best offensive weapons on the team, its sad he jeapordizes his career and integrity for a little wed and alcohol in public, very immature.
    -The Bard-

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