Fantasy files; Best week ever?

Let’s face it, fans of faux football: This has been the best offseason ever. What would you rather have, a long, boring free agency in March or this week of insanity? I think Twitter took this week over the top with updates about every 45 seconds today with new signings and rumors nonstop. Most of the news was bad for us fantasy-ers.

DeAngelo Williams re-signs with the Panthers. Boo! Williams drops in value for two reasons. Jonathan Stewart will steal touches and Cam Newton probably will poach a few touchdowns. Stay away from all Denver/Carolina running backs. I might benefit from this move in one league, though.

Sidney Rice to the Seahawks. The wha? He’s a high-ceiling guy, but Seahawk fans are going to pine for the halcyon days of Seneca Wallace after watching the Whitehurst/Jackson show.

Santonio Holmes back to the Jets. I’ll be honest. I get the same non-fuzzy feelings with Holmes as I do with Vincent Jackson. I’d love either of them on my real team, but on my fantasy team I’ll pass at their current price.

Matt Hasselbeck to the Titans: Really not much of an impact. He’s still a borderline QB2/3. Kenny Britt and CJ2K don’t move. Jared Cook stays in intriguing TE2 range.
Santana Moss and roster churn to the Redskins: I didn’t know Donte Stallworth was still in the league. Moss is a WR3, and a pretty unexciting one.

Lots of undrafted free agents sign with the Eagles: The Eagles let Jerome Harrison go, so someone from the youngster pu pu platter of Eldra Buckley (as if), Dion Lewis, Noel Devine, Graig Cooper and Derrick Locke will win the backup job. Or will they? Have fun in your Zealots-style drafts trying to figure out who to target.

My continued pursuit for mid-round picks in my keeper league continues. I started with an offer of a third round pick for Eli Manning and snagged a fourth. I have offers out for Vincent Jackson and Shonn Greene. My poor father thought he had a deal for LeSean McCoy that evaporated and his best remaining RB is Jonathan Stewart. I don’t know if Greene is keeper-worthy but he’s a better piece than J-Stew. If I manage to get as many as five picks in the 4th through 5th rounds, I’ll need some help on what to do with them. This isn’t much of a trade on draft day kind of crew. We promised to drink less as this year’s draft goes straight into the family-attended post party. Some of us will comply with that request.

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