Week Three Preview

Two weeks can be a fluke. Three weeks is a trend. I have three teams and one NFL team to review.

Local keeper league (1-1): I’ve played six fantasy matchups in my three leagues and lost one. The good news is I lost to the top-scoring team in the league. The bad news is it was my dad, and I put up a pathetic 111 points in defeat. It used to be a badge of honor to score 100 points, but we recently switched to PPR and added a flex spot, so 150 is more regular.  The roster quandary this week features Dexter McCluster/Mike Tolbert/Mark Ingram. Tolbert seems fine. The Chargers could hold him back since they’re probably going to wail on the Chiefs, but I feel comfortable that he’s going to get a short-yardage TD or two before he’s pulled. As usual, Kolb/Grossman is a tossup.

Last year in the Titans/Broncos game we learned two things. The Broncos couldn’t run the ball and Brandon Lloyd was for real. The Titans assumed that the bend but don’t break defense would hold up and it did not as Kyle Orton broke through in the end. Based on last week’s result, Mike Munchak understands the concept of stepping on the neck.

I know I had Laurence Maroney rostered that week. I hope that I didn’t start him.

Dynasty league (2-0): I’ve won two division games fairly comfortably even though my top TE is Chris Cooley. No one seems interested in trading. I had to start Denarius Moore in desperation last week as I was missing Colston (collarbone), Rice (shoulder) and Crabtree (feet by way of the heart). Even with Revis Island waiting, I might have to start Moore again. Moore was so good in week two that he’s my top scoring receiver, and he scored 0 fantasy points in week one. Now I hear that Moore might return punts as well and we get return yards. Moore it is.

Everyone assumes that Chris Johnson will break out this week against the Broncos. The Broncos keyed on him in a 53-yard game last year, and it completely shut down the offense. The offense was fine with CJ bottled up last week. I don’t think that we can expect Hasselbeck to be this accurate every week and the receivers to drop zero passes as they did last week. They’re going to need some long runs from the dreaded one.

Work league (3-0): There’s one ethical issue. I set up my work Yahoo league to allow instant add/drop after the Wednesday first waiver period. That allowed me to scoop up Bernard Scott immediately upon learning the Cedric Benson news. In my keeper league I had to wait for the daily waiver claims to get him.  My only issue in this league is receiver depth. I have seven RBs, including lottery tickets Stevan Ridley and Bilal Powell. In a start-three WR league, I only have Jacoby Ford and Lance Moore as depth. I added Greg Little and dropped Ford. If CJ and Ingram come through, this team’s going to be a monster.

The Titans keyed on the Ravens’ run game and it was the difference. Flacco had time but couldn’t find anyone open downfield save a couple of exceptions. Orton’s a pro, and is much better with the lead. Lloyd’s back and that makes a big difference. Are Lloyd and Decker enough to move the ball, and can the pu pu platter of Willis McGahee and Knowshon Moreno keep the defense honest?

Happy week three, everyone.


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