Game Review: Titans Smash!

I’ll be brief since I haven’t been able to review the entire “game film” for the Titans/Browns game.

I watched this week’s Titans game at a Taco Mac in Decatur. That’s Atlanta. I had a Bills fan to my left and Steeler fans to my right. Let’s just say that I was the only one leaving with a smile. I consumed a Tommyknocker Nut Brown Ale, a Red Brick Brown Ale, and a Red Brick Octoberfest during the game. Three for yum.

When the season started, having a winning squad after four games really wasn’t a consideration. There was no way that a team with a nearly 100% flipped over staff and a running back who held out until hours before the regular season was going to win. I am a believer now. The defense only looks like it’s good enough but the results speak for themselves. Has another team in the NFL kept all four opponents below 20 points this year?

Matt Hasselbeck is the man. He spread the ball out in his 10 completions. Jared Cook made up for three games of practically no production. Nate Washington had one great catch and one bad drop. Lavelle Hawkins and Damian Williams made plays. Chris Johnson looked like an NFL running back in more than doubling his season production.

The game was all but over when it was 21-6 at halftime. It was completely over when Jordan Babineaux returned a Colt McCoy pass 97 yards for a touchdown. On both long Titan touchdowns, one notable detail was that there wasn’t much pursuit. Cook looked like he expected to get steered out of bounds but no one did.

The Browns just started their rebuilding process. They are not going to rally when down by multiple scores. Colt McCoy is scrappy and can run, but he’s not a threat to beat you deep. At least he got to throw the ball a lot in garbage time. 350 yards looks nice but that was on 61 attempts.

When I saw the road trip to Pittsburgh on the schedule, I thought the best the Titans could do was escape with their dignity. Now they should be even money at worst. Ben Roethlisberger might miss the game. I don’t see the Steelers winning with the Batch/Dixon combo platter.


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