Fantasy Files: Three leagues, one championship

It’s not “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose”, but it will have to do. I’m in three leagues and in each, I need three wins to take the championship. I want one of them.

In my local keeper league, I led the league in scoring last week and defeated my dad for the first time since W was the President. Before the game I was the six seed in the playoffs and slated to play the worst division winner. After winning, I get a rematch with my dad, who led the league in scoring but did not win our division. He has Drew Brees, Gronkowski, and Welker. I have Tebow. Tebow wins!

In my dynasty league, I play my dad. Is there anyone in these leagues besides my dad? Unlike the local league, I have the upper hand in this one. I start Newton and he starts Dalton. My team made it through the Bush/Forte performances last week and still scored 200 points, which happens about five times a year. I lost Forte but still get to start Bush/Murray/Rice at RB. My team is on Cruz control.

The final league is a work league. Going into the final week I was matched up with the lowest scoring playoff team. I won my final game and maintained the matchup. I have Stafford, Cop Speed (my team name and Chris Johnson’s best nickname), and LeSean McCoy. He has Carson Palmer, Marshawn Lynch, and Joseph Addai. You have to feel confident going against a guy starting three Colts.

It is depressing when your fantasy season ends and others are still playing. If I don’t win at least one of these, I’m going to get in 200 leagues next year like Jim Day. You’ve been warned.


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