Bleacher Report Post-Mortem: Three Titans Who Should be Extended

Read the article. Or don’t. Director’s commentary begins now…

My goal is to “win” the Titans page this month. After the draft, everyone’s tuckered out, and I’m probably going to be gasping for story ideas in June like a fish on dry land.

After writing on a projected roster for 2012, I thought about all of that cap space that remained and what the Titans could do with it. A report from Jason LaCanfora on March 30 said the Titans had $18 million of cap space left. Yes, I’m going to use math in the rest of this post and I’m sorry. The Dave Ball, Tim Shaw, and Leger Douzable deals cost the team about $2 million. The rookie draft pool is about $4.48 million, but  thanks to Titan blogger Thomas Gower telling me that not all of  that’s going to hit the cap, it’s more like $2 million. The Titans have about $14 million left in cap space.

I looked at players near the end of their rookie deal. The first two that jumped to mind were Jason McCourty and Jared Cook. The Titans signed Cortland Finnegan to a four-year extension after his second year. Rookie deals were three years in 2006 when he was the best seventh-round pick in team history. I thought why shouldn’t history repeat itself? Sign McCourty before he becomes a free agent and asks for crazy cornerback money. My deal was four years, $20 million. Giving him a nice $8 million bonus and a small salary, his cap hit for this year barely went up. I did the numbers for Jared Cook and Kenny Britt and they both would be relatively small cap hits to keep them locked down. Cook would get 4 years, $16 million while Kenny Britt’s take would be 5 years, $40 million. I put in a second-year roster bonus for Britt in case his ACL doesn’t heal properly.

The cap math works by my cap-addled brain. Britt’s probably a year away from a gigantic extension, but think about  it. If they sign him today, it’s going to cost a lot less than it would in a year. I think the Titans would have saved some money had they given in to Chris Johnson’s demands a year in advance. This is purely speculation but it’s the kind of thing that is a lot more fun than just repeating who they drafted.

Read the article here. Alternately, go to my main Bleacher Report page and read ’em all. I have virtual medals to earn, people.

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