Bleacher Report Post-Morten: Reasons the NFL Offseason’s the Best

Read the article. Or don’t.

This could have been a really easy assignment. I could have said “because it’s the NFL” and saved you the slideshow. My first attempt at an NFL article was Five Reasons the NFL Season Isn’t Too Short and is Actually Just Right. No, we do not get paid by the headline word. My mistake was writing a non-assigned general NFL piece, which meant it wasn’t promoted aka near the top of the NFL page, which meant it died ingloriously. I used a couple of my snarky comments as inspiration.

It’s kind of a laundry list of all of the major NFL events. Nothing major there. I don’t think any other sport is as media saavy about their offseason activities. The NHL doesn’t make a big deal about unveiling its schedule. I assume the NHL still exists. The only reason people go to baseball Spring Training is because it’s a vacation. People will watch NFL teams practice in early August in Atlanta. A vacation that is not.

Really, though, the main reason I did the article was to post this Rob Gronkowski Tweet.

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