Bleacher Report Post Mortem: Rummy and Veterans

This is the article. You want to read. You know you want to.

Before I get all in-depth about my latest Bleacher Report opus, let me say a few words about the podcast that came out today. I was the second guest in this week’s 2 Mugs podcast. Listen to the first half that includes Dr. Renee Miller as she talks about concussions and fantasy writing. John Sarmento, known to the Twitter world as Rumford Johnny, asked me to do the interview Monday morning. I had to scramble when I got home to set up the Skype call. The call didn’t work on my desktop or my iPhone, so at the last minute the wife let me use her iPad. I don’t do well when I have a line in my head and attempt to insert it. If I quiet my brain, I can sound like a human being. We talked about the Titans (John seems to drop the second “t” when he says it), my interview series, and the fantasy rookies. The time flew by.

I wrote an article about 11 reasons why the NFL offseason is the best and it was a dud. It’s still in the double digits audience wise. It failed to get promoted on the NFL page, although it might get a shot later this week. I had to come up with another idea for the Titans to help my fragile ego. I picked a short idea, four positions in which the Titans could use veteran help. I went with a combination of real visits and speculation. Center’s the top need. Jeff Faine’s the one free agent who visited but did not sign elsewhere. He was the highest paid center when the Bucs signed him in 2008 (hear that, Carl Nicks?) and not surprisingly, he was cut with two years left on the deal. His last moment of glory was being a Pro Bowl alternate in 2007. I’d take him over Amano in a heartbeat.

Even though fullback isn’t as important as it was in the Jeff Fisher days, the position is not in good hands with Quinn Johnson. Ahmard Hall is the longest tenured Titan at fullback with a shocking six seasons of play. The Falcons just released Ovie Mughelli. Can you say veteran minimum contract?

This week the Titans brought in Drayton Florence, Drew Coleman, and Andre Goodman to visit. While the Titans have a boatload of youngsters at the position, bringing in a veteran to push them wouldn’t hurt. None of those three would be a threat to start.

Finally, I looked at safety. Is the team going to open 2012 with Markelle Martin or Robert Johnson, with zero NFL defensive snaps between them, as the primary safety backup? There are a lot of guys on the market. I wasn’t sure if players like Nick Coleman, Yeremiah Bell, Jim Leonhard and O.J. Atogwe would take a deal as a backup. In short, there are a lot of guys out there and a couple are going to get into training camp, if not make the roster.

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