Bleacher Report Post-Mortem: My First 32-Slide NFL Article

Read the article here. If you don’t, those depressing commercials about the ASPCA with the pathetic looking animals will play on a continuous loop during your favorite TV shows and you will not be able to fast forward.

I had every intention of indulging myself in a 12-year-old football game and writing about that. On youtube I found the entire broadcast of the Titans/Jaguars 2000 AFC Championship game, a football game that I had never seen in its entirety. I took an assignment for the Bleacher and alas, it was due on Monday. Bye bye, weekend.
This was my first “one per team” slideshow. I knew when I took on an article that would describe one player that each team would like to trade, I was in for it. If each team took 15 minutes, I was in it for eight hours. This is how I think.

It’s hard not to fall back on patterns when writing an article like that. Look at team’s depth chart, find rookie who might replace veteran, send veteran packing. Find free agent who was paid crazy money who is near the end of this contract and ditch him. I made a few bold moves, like the Cardinals trading Kolb, the Falcons trading Turner, the Rams trading Steven Jackson, and the Steelers trading Lawrence Timmons.

It is interesting to find out how the teams line up in terms of current and future salary cap hits. The Steelers have three linebackers that they’re going to pay eight figures in the next few years. Someone’s not going to make it. I picked Timmons mainly because I focused too much on the older guys near the end of their careers who are probably not going to be traded due to that fact alone. Let’s face it. There isn’t much trading in the NFL.

I take NFL assignments because technically I’m supposed to in order to keep my coveted FC slot (only partially sarcastic there) and it’s challenging to write about the rest of the league. If I want to eventually get paid to do it, I can’t be a one-team trick pony.

I’ll get back to my long-awaited Titans moment of glory shortly. That will be posted later in the week because I needed a day or two to myself.

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