Bleacher Report Post Mortem: Lawyering the Rules

Read the article here. Please, seriously, click, my heart can’t take these low results on my Bleacher stuff.

Most of my Titans articles get a healthy 1,000 reads. The majority of the general NFL stuff I post does better than that. The past three NFL stories have been utter busts. I’ve been Jamarcus Russell’d. I agreed to do two NFL articles this week because I’m going to the beach next week and my wife threatened to spend a lot of “quality time” with the pool boy if I ended up in the condo posting slideshows that end up locked up in a box like The Gimp.

I spent a few hours writing about 12 Underrated players who could win roster spots in training camp, using Victor Cruz as the best-case example. For the most part I used undrafted free agents, or guys like Cruz who spent their rookie year on IR and had a chance to make a roster in year two. I feel like history will vindicate me on this one because players I listed like Lestar Jean and Mario Fannin are getting good OTA buzz.

On my latest article I used Aldon Smith as an example. Smith was a top-ten pick by the 49ers yet did not start a game last year. He played a lot of snaps, finished the year with 14 sacks and was the Defensive Rookie of the Year runner-up to Von Miller. Teams are using more varied formations, which means a lot of players don’t technically start but play a lot. Bruce Irvin will be one of those guys. It’s a little bit lawyery in the interpretation but I went literal on the assignment. I really think that Brian Quick of the Rams won’t start because he’s a small-school guy and quite possibly a very pretty package with nothing inside. I also think that Coby Fleener won’t be the ‘starter’ but will play the most snaps for the Colts because they didn’t take him 34th overall to block. See Jared Cook.

I do enjoy writing these stories. Whether it makes me a better NFL fan or writer is debatable. At least I’m getting my reps.

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