Fantasy Files: Rookie Draft Time

The entire rookie draft is here.

I made a controversial trade involving Mike Vick to get the 3.04 rookie pick. The rest of my picks were at my eighth slot for finishing as a first-round playoff loser. The summary:

1.08: Kendall Wright

2.08: Ryan Broyles

3.04: Mark Barron

5.08: Devon Wylie

6.08: Bryce Brown

I’ve mentioned plenty of times that rookie picks are shiny objects that we must possess. We covet them like diamonds when they’re really unshaped lumps of coal that might contain a tiny diamond but it’s probably a piece of glass. With my first pick I took Kendall Wright even though I was targeting Ronnie Hillman. I believe Hillman has a great chance of being a full-time back as soon as this year. When it came down to pick time, I went with the talent.

With my second pick I thought of repeating my tactic from the 2009 rookie draft of taking the lowest-drafted first-round rookie QB. In 2009 that was Josh Freeman and this year it was Ryan Tannehill. I felt like my QB position was fine with Cam/Schaub/Yates/Skelton and I took the highest wide receiver on someone else’s board (my buddy Chad Parsons, who really really didn’t like my Vick trade) in Ryan Broyles. Like in the Peyton days, take a receiver on a team that has an excellent QB.

In the third round I didn’t love any of the second-tier wideouts or the third-tier running backs. I took Mark Barron because I felt like my defensive back position wasn’t elite. I’m looking for elite young players at every position. I have them almost everywhere except for defensive end, but at least there I have older elite players. They’re all way younger than me.

On a whim when my team was desperate for a tight end last year and I thought he was coming back from an ankle injury (he didn’t), I traded my fourth-round rookie pick for Julius Thomas. He still could hit but he’s behind Jacob Tamme and Joel Dreesen. The pick was Morris Claiborne. I’m not jealous.

When it comes to the last two rounds, it looks like there are plenty of prospects. When you look at fifth and sixth rounds in previous rookie drafts, it’s a minefield of “who’s that guy?” I took Devon Wylie of Kansas City, an injury-prone but fast slot guy from Fresno State, and Bryce Brown, a former #1 overall RB prospect as a high school senior who never did much in college but got a shot with the Eagles.

I made some moves post-draft to clear up space for post-rookie-draft auctions. I might enjoy this part more than the draft. I said good-bye to Will Witherspoon, who was with the team since the initial draft in 2005. Sean Spence was my first add. I meant only to bump the original bid because letting someone get a rookie for the minimum of z50 is a crime. On Monday I filled out my roster with Taylor Thompson, James-Michael Johnson, Zach Brown and Bruce Irvin. I didn’t draft any linebackers so three in auction made sense. Thompson got a lot of positive press in rookie camp so I added him to my stable of young what the hell tight ends. Irvin’s going to be a Aldon Smith-like presence for the Seahawks or so I hope. My DEs are getting older and I needed a younger dude.

Here’s my roster.

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