Bleacher Report Post-Mortem: What Vacation?

Read the article here. I could be drinking right now.

I needed something to break up my rigid schedule of waking up, going down to the beach, sipping beverages and reading a book a day. I posted an article. I did it because I’m a competitive guy and I have a chance to win.

Does it matter if I finish first or second for all Titans’ FCs in terms of article reads this month? It does to me. I’ve been top three for the past three months, even though I was lax last month and had to rush to finish #2. I started strong, on pace for 15k at the halfway point. I slowed down, and posting an article on the top candidates for the nickel cornerback role didn’t help when another FC posted a “Will Tommie Campbell start?” article less than an hour later. It’s that kind of luck of the draw.

I saw an interesting tidbit on Jerry Gray using something called the Ruby formation that was posted on Music City Miracles. It linked to an article from Tom Gower of Total Titans. Sure, what I wrote comes off as third-hand information but that’s kind of the business model. Others break the news and we use it to keep the readers coming. The formation’s a 3-2-6 look that the Titans may not be currently staffed to achieve. They need three safeties and there are only two on the team who have played a down on defense. That’s why I would be shocked to see the Titans not pick up a safety before the beginning of the season. The Broncos can only sign so many guys that visit the Titans first.

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