Bleacher Report Post Mortem: Early Vegas Odds

The gambling bug got me. I saw a post by Clay Travis early last week morning that stated the Titans were not favored in an NFL game until Week 12. That seemed worthy of an article.

I found out that Travis was wrong. The Titans are favored in Week 8 against the Colts. In your face, Clay! Wait, that still means that the Titans are not favored to win a single game until late October. The pick ’em line against the Vikings in Week 5 does mean the Titans are considered to be the superior team.

I wrote this story during my lunch break on Wednesday and posted around 1 p.m. It was very short, included the lines week by week with a little commentary before and after. Around 2 p.m., after I had posted the article on Twitter and my post-mortem (yeah, this is an edit), I got a message from Bleacher Report. My article was taken down due to content not being up to standards.

There are a ton of writers for Bleacher Report and an obvious need for a lot of support staff including editors and folks who review content. We don’t get a ton of feedback regarding whether our articles are up to standards. My article had NFL game lines that I had to extract from a Web site and a minimum of commentary. It wasn’t good enough. My initial response was anger because I’ve seen articles that showed team schedules without a lot of meat on the bones. My problem was taking that anger up the chain. After a few testy e-mails I calmed down, took the night off and re-posted the article the following morning with commentary on each individual game. All was forgiven.

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