Fantasy Files: Thievery is the Best Theory

I am using my blog to test a post I’m going to put on my local keeper league site. We have two rules about posting articles. One is a woman in a bikini or less, usually safe for work, picture needs to be the story image. The other rule, I forget.

I stole the following images from the incredible 2012 NFL Draft in pictures post from DraftCountdown. Look at that and don’t look at this.

Images represent the reaction, a year later, to each team’s 2011 draft. This is our draft order, so note that the people at the top did not have a quality season last year.

Walt: Earned the number one pick two years in a row in part by drafting LeGarrette Blount number one overall last year.

Bill: Earned the number two pick for the second consecutive year in part by drafting BJGE in this slot last year.

Steve: Only joined the league to drink with lightweight Americans (he’s a Brit)

Jim: New guy who not so shockingly came in dead last, earning the #4 pick and getting his team renamed. To add insult to injury, he has Adrian Peterson.

Mike: Famous for drinking an entire bottle of Absolut Raspberry and puking in the bushes, ending his draft by round six. The year he did that, he won the championship. There’s a lesson here.

Zach: Famous for losing to his dad in the first round of the playoffs and trading Frankenstein Peyton for Darren McFadden/Hakeem Nicks. Matt Millen makes fun of me for my GM moves.

Chuck: Posts under the nom de plume Mon Jahdden, a rastafarian John Madden who, well, we don’t read that far. He’s kind of the Bill Belichick of the league with two losses in the past three championship games.

Randy: He’s had the misfortune of finishing #1 overall two years in a row and losing in the first round of the playoffs. He used to host the draft so we like him.

Don: Famous moment was of him reading a fantasy magazine upside down. There might have been vodka involved.

Paul: Commish and Pats fan who won the title last year. We mercilessly raz him and he takes it in good spirits most of the time.

Tracy and Heidi: The class of our league. I’m honestly not sure why they hang out with us.

OBL: This is my dad. I invited him to the league so I could have a ride home and he’s won the title twice. The last time I won I wasn’t married and I got married in 2003.

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