Fantasy Files: Redrafting Squared

For people who obsessively pay attention to my draft comings and goings, I’ll be participating in Draftmaster 87 which is a live draftmaster and it starts at 9 p.m. tonight.

Almost immediately after interviewing the mysterious yet alluring Fantasy Jedi, I agreed to be in his Redraft 2 league. I know it’s Redraft and the squared symbol. I’m too lazy to look up the code for it. The draft started last night and I felt unprepared, but so goes life. I’ll summarize my first four picks once I make my fourth:

1.07: Calvin Johnson

When I got pick 1.07, I thought Chris Johnson would be there. Miller, or Bruce Wayne, or whoever’s running this thing took him at 1.06. I had a choice of either Calvin (no longer needing a last name) or Tom Brady. Take an elite option because Darren McFadden doesn’t excite me, although the format does favor him. In brief, the format is you play in a four-team division, one of three, play your division mates twice each in the first six weeks and the top two per division make the second round, which is the second redraft. You take players who will excel in the first six weeks and odds are better that McFadden does so. Calvin is kind of like Jerry Rice in that he feels like a huge advantage at WR. The only downside is his week 5 bye which makes him 17% less valuable. I vow to look at bye weeks from now on.

2.06: A.J. Green

Remember all the hot talk about starting RB-RB that’s all the rage? I ignored that. I’m going to have to use Matt Waldman’s upside-down drafting theory and grab a bunch of RBs in the middle rounds. We have 18 rounds total, so that’s what I shall do. I’m leaning toward the theory of drafting wideouts mainly on teams with elite quarterbacks. Green’s just an elite talent. I’m going to have the best wideouts in the league.

3.07: Fred Jackson

Interesting fact is that Trent Richardson had not been taken. For the purposes of a first six weeks league, I’m a little nervous. In keeper/dynasty formats, no worries. Freddy Jackson was the #1 fantasy RB last year when he got hurt. Sure, C.J. Spiller will get his touches but I’m confident that the Bills’ top RB will get around 20 touches a game. I’ll take that as a RB1 in the third round.

4.06: Brandon Marshall

The running backs out there are putrid. Sure there’s ton of WR value yet and I got itchy about a TE or a QB, but Marshall’s a 100-catch guy this year and you have to take that in the fourth round. His bye week is not a problem.

5.07: Eli Manning

There are two positives for Eli here. He doesn’t have a bye week issue and he never misses time. Will he be the almost 5000-yard passer he was last year? 4k and 25 TDs is a floor so I took a safe guy over a few other options like Tony Romo. Three QBs went after me, so the timing was good.

6.06: Fred Davis

I was thinking RB and WR so much that I didn’t look too closely at TE and QB until the past two rounds. Davis feels like he’s going to be a top-five guy and RGIII’s BFF. Plus if I take a guy relatively early at TE, I can wait on getting a backup.

7.07: Isaac Redman

I thought about Redman at my last two picks. I didn’t think he’d slide any more. In most fantasy leagues you’re going to have to worry about Rashad Mendenhall taking over later in the season. In this six-week format, that’s not a problem. For a guy going in the RB25-30 range, he has the best chance of being a 20-touch guy on a weekly basis.

8.06: Mark Ingram

Now I’m throwing RBs against the wall to see who sticks. Ingram feels like a better player to have in a best-ball league rather than having to start him and worry that he won’t get a touchdown. Will the Saints act like a team that traded a future first-round pick to get him?

9.07: Ben Tate

Tate’s probably only valuable in a best-ball format or as a handcuff to Arian Foster. Because I’m going to have six RBs on my roster at the end of the year, I can take a chance on a guy who will be a top ten option if Foster gets hurt.

10.06: Cedric Benson

That’s four running backs in a row. I don’t even know if Benson officially signed with the Packers yet. He might just be veteran insurance but James Starks is hurt and Alex Green is unproven. Benson might have a two-touchdown week or two to slide him into my flex spot.

11.07: Mike Williams

I got Williams in the fourth round of a draft last fall and felt lucky to do so. He was, shall we say, a minor disappointment. With Vincent Jackson coming in, Williams should find coverages easier to figure out without being the primary guy. With the Bucs being more of a run-first team this year, his ceiling might be low.

12.06: Randall Cobb

He’s a great best-ball flier wideout pick. Cobb is getting a lot of sleeper love even though he’s going to be the #4 option in Green Bay at best. I’d be very nervous about putting him into a fantasy lineup.

13.07: Austin Collie

I drafted Collie in the third round of a keeper draft last fall. The descent of the Colts into madness really ruined that team. Collie should be targeted early and often by rookie sensation Andrew Luck. It’s hard to figure out how the targets will be distributed in Indy, so it’s a guessing game. As my WR6, I’ll take him.

I already predrafted for round 14. I need a QB, TE, RB, team D and kicker. We’ll find out in what order soon.

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