Fantasy Files: Five Questions for My Keeper Draft

My keeper draft is on Saturday. I am pumped and am working my draft lists. I’m deciding what beers to drink and in what order and what introduction music will accompany my picks. Here are five questions I have:

1. When do I pull the trigger on a QB? I’ve been focusing on my first four picks which are 1.06, 2.07, 3.02, and 3.06. I’m going to end up with a RB, WR, and two other players. Do I take a QB so early? I’m not excited by the pu pu platter of veterans and RGIII seems too expensive for a rookie. I was set to take Philip Rivers, the top available QB, then he was traded. Drat.

2. Who’s the RB in the first round? I had my list of six in preparation for the draft, but I’m not sure that I’ll stick to it when my pick comes up. With Ryan Mathews being my keeper and with his continued injury issues, do I need to take a younger player like Doug Martin or do I go with the veteran like Steven/Fred Jackson?

3. Who’s the WR in the second round? You can flex a third RB in your starting lineup, so it’s possible that in the second round I’ll get the third or fourth overall WR. The depth at the position is so, well, deep that I wonder if I can hold off. I’m still looking into focusing on guys who are on the top offenses in the league.

4. What kind of beer should I drink? I have to start with this beer, and not just because it includes “Pacman” yeast.

5. Who’s the big sleeper? I have to take the roster situation into consideration. We must end up with a team that has three QBs, four RBs, four WRs, two TEs, two kickers and two defenses. That means the waiver wire is huge for the RB and WR position. QBs, not so much as I found out last year when I drafted Peyton Manning and junk. I’m reserving my WR4 and RB4 positions for high-upside players who are very likely to do nothing.

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