Fantasy Files: 2Mugs Draft Me Under the Table

I wondered what harm could come of me entering a draft without a plan. I found out last Thursday night.

On a side note, it was fantastic to be able to draft and watch college football in the man cave. It was also nice to be able to drink a couple of Highland Gaelic Ales and a Fat Tire during the draft. Now I have a few extra excuses for my performance.

Check the league out, if you dare. Some of fantasy football’s most notorious criminals are involved.

I’ll show my roster by position instead of the usual boring per-round way of showing off:

QB: Matthew Stafford (3rd round), Carson Palmer (13th round)

After reading Late Round QB’s excellent book  that’s main purpose was to tell me to draft quarterbacks late, I drafted one early. I took Stafford in the third when I could have taken Hakeem Nicks. Quarterbacks slipped big-time in this one with Matt Ryan and Michael Vick going in the 7th round. I got Carson Palmer in the 13th and I would be fine with him as a fill-in guy. I really didn’t do well here because Stafford is not a runner, passing TDs are four points and lineups have an extra WR position (QB/2RB/3WR/flex/TE/D/K).

RB: Chris Johnson (1st), Demarco Murray (2nd), DeAngelo Williams (7th), Mikel LeShoure (10th), Ronnie Hillman (11th)

I feel fine with my first two picks. The backup guys are kind of sketchy. Williams is one of those guys who feels like a relative bargain but there are so many running backs in Carolina and Stewart’s the pass-catcher. He could have one of those shocking “I’m not dead yet” seasons. LeShoure and Hillman were my stabs at getting a couple of lottery tickets.

WR: Brandon Lloyd (4th), Dwayne Bowe (5th), Denarius Moore (8th), Mike Williams (9th), Davone Bess (14th)

Yeah, WR3 seems a little paltry. I love Lloyd in the 4th but I would have loved him better as my WR2. Moore was the curse of the top-rated guy on Yahoo’s list. The top-rated guy often sat around for many rounds, like Philip Rivers who was ranked 66th and went in the 11th round. Right now the best hope is for Moore to have 5 really good games and for me to know which games those are. Mike Williams is a bye-week guy and Bess is one of those PPR wideouts that you don’t enjoy drafting but could get a boring five catches a week.

TE: Vernon Davis (6th), Dustin Keller (15th)

I probably could have waited on TE. Antonio Gates was a consideration in the 5th. Davis is steady but his upside seems limited. Keller was the warm body I took late for bye-week considerations but I’ll probably pick someone off waivers seeing as Keller’s hurt.

D: Houston (14th)

They play the Jags and Colts twice and start with Miami (golden).

K: Rob Bironas

I took a Titan.

This may have been my one league (bridge) too far. My starting lineup’s OK but the depth is going to kill me.


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