Know Your Enemy: Rumford Johnny on the New England Patriots

I would have the same Twitter crush on RumfordJohnny if he did just one of the following things:

Retweet the shit out of my blog posts.

Create a fantastic avatar when I was “that client” and requested changes to his original design.

Threw out great tweets along with fantastic content on the 2 Mugs site and podcast.

So it’s my honor for Rummy to be my first representative in what should be a rousing weekly “Know Your Enemy” interview. This is meant to be a quick-hitting interview to get to know how the fan base for the Tennessee Titans’ opponent of the week thinks. Let’s see what Mr. Sarmento has for me.

Brandon Lloyd was kind of quiet during the preseason. Is he going to be the Randy Moss replacement the team’s been looking for since dumping Moss in 2010?

I don’t see Lloyd as “Randy 2.0,” but rather another dimension to the Patriot offense. Last year teams attempted to shut down 1-2 weapons of the Patriots every game, and rolled the dice on the others. If the Pats go 3-wide (with Hernandez as a wideout), they’ll be even tougher to stop…if that’s even possible.

Is Stevan Ridley going to get the majority of RB touches in week one?

I think Ridley will get a bulk of the carries in week one, yes. Week two? Belichick will have him dressed in a chicken costume and be a healthy scratch…for no reason whatsoever…because he can.

Are the rookies and the return of Ras-I Dowling going to make the Pats defense a more feared unit than in 2011?

Yes and no. I think Chandler Jones can be the next Aldon Smith, and Dont’a Hightower the next great Pats LB, but the matriculation will be slow. The secondary? It will likely still be a work in progress (which is coach speak for, “Yeah, it will still suck.”)

Brady withstood a ton of hits in the preseason. Is the offensive line a worry for you?

Not worried about the Pats OL. It was sloppy in the preseason last year, and by season’s end, it was one of the best groups in the NFL. If Brian Waters returns (not holding my breath) my confidence grows in regards to keeping #12’s jersey clean.

Name the one Titan you are most worried about on offense and defense.

Titan on offense? Chris Johnson of course. If the Pats are struggling to set the edge on Sunday, CJ will rush for a buck and change and two TDs. Titan on defense? McCarthy. I love the kid in IDP leagues (no big secret), and if he has a big game, it means the Pats aren’t running the ball well…and that needs to occur if NE wants healthy bodies come December.

What’s your starting beer for opening NFL Sunday?

Sam Adams Octoberfest. [Zach note: Rummy acknowledges that it’s odd that Sam Adams seasonal beers come earlier every year. I think Octoberfest was in stores by the first week of August this year.]

You want more Rummy? Follow him on Twitter. Go to the 2 Mugs site. That is all.

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