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One thing you can’t do with San Diego Chargers fans is accuse them of being bandwagon jumpers. The franchise reminds me of the Titans in the early 2000s, good team, can’t quite make it happen in the playoffs. Is the window closing? Let’s find out with Jerome Watson of

Introduce yourself. Include a little bio on yourself and your work on Jerome Watson. Have been a Charger fan since I was knee high. I have been blogging about the Chargers for about 2 years now at Over at RTB I am a Co-Lead Blogger and assist the editor with Project Coordination and Distribution.

Is Ryan Mathews going to play this week? If not, will we continue to see the awesomeness that is Le’Ron McClain catching screen passes again? Mathews was in pads in yesterday’s practice, so he was obviously cleared for contact. Although that’s a very encouraging sign, it was always my thinking that Week 3 vs Atlanta was an ideal return for him.

Lol. If Ryan doesn’t play, then yes, McClain will get a screen or two (max). He showed good things on Monday in the passing game but missed a couple of key blocks in the running game. Seeing him run is such fun though, he cant move too much laterally, but you know he will be dishing punishment at the end of it.

After last year’s disappointing performance, is Philip Rivers on the downward slide or will he continue to be an elite QB for a while? Kind of funny that you mentioned that because right before the opener, I wrote a piece on Philip expressing my concerns in regard to his preseason performance. In the Raider game, he checked down, didn’t force any throws deep and situationally played a sound game. Doing the exact opposite of those things (last year), is what got him into this ‘Elite or Not’ conversation in the first place, so to see him patient and take what Oakland gave him was encouraging. Philip is still elite in my eyes and there is still no other QB I’d rather have running this offense but to the general public he may be on downward slide and they certainly have an argument.

Norv Turner: Feel free to emote on your feelings about the coach. Lol. Mr. Zach, if you were hoping to get negative insight on this one, then you found the wrong Chargers blogger. I love Norv Turner and what he has managed to do here with the decimated talent level. The team plays hard for him regardless of record or score and only a handful of coaches in the league can say that. Im obviously in the minority but no true Charger fan can deny that he has never had a losing season here and has already given us more playoff wins than any other coach we’ve had. People want the conventional “screaming” coach but forget we had one of the best “screamers” of all time in Marty Schottenheimer. Marty did produce a lot more stellar regular season wins but never did anything in January. Norv has.

Does it matter that Quentin Jammer’s wearing a cast on his hand since he never intercepts the ball anyway? Lol. No. It doesn’t matter. You’re right. Cast or no cast, he wont be intercepting anything. Plus, you have to see the ball to intercept it. Quentin rarely, if ever, gets his head turned around on a pass to his side. You should’ve asked me if HE was on downward slide, instead of Rivers. Lol [Zach note: This reminds me of Michael Griffin. He’s not a very good safety, but he remains better than “what’s out there” so he keeps his job and high salary. Quentin Jammer sounds like that kind of player. Norv Turner’s that kind of coach.]

Was the Raiders’ inability to run due more to a poor OL or a really good Chargers defensive scheme? On paper, Oakland’s OLine is bad but in the game on Monday, they were not that bad. Greg Knapp helped them a lot by calling shorter pass routes but I wont take anything from them, they were solid. So Ill give the credit more towards John Pagano and the scheme. Once Pagano realized they were only affixed on the curl route and didn’t necessarily have to keep two deep, he started cheating the safeties up to line to make McFadden redirect his runs into Butler (not much on the edge).

What beer will you be drinking during the game? I don’t drink beer, my man. But Ill tell you this, if you ever make it to San Diego, Ill buy whatever beer youd like. Deal? [Zach note: whereas I’m already drinking to “prepare” myself for Sunday’s game.]

Finally Will the Titans get their first victory over the Chargers as the Titans? Sorry, Mr. Zach… Not this year. I had alot of faith in you guys coming into the year (almost selecting you guys to win the South) but after that performance on Sunday, the Titans are pretty far away from where I thought they would be. We will not allow CJ to beat us on Sunday. After a few 1-2 yard runs, he will go into “disinterest” mode (which seemed to affect the whole team) so you can bet that we will copycat what New England did to you guys. Titans will be 0-2 after Sunday, my man.

Thanks for the time, Jerome. If you want the best San Diego Chargers coverage out there, go to Rock the Bolt. Follow him on Twitter.

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