Fantasy Files: Don’t Give Up on Trader Zach

When my teams look their bleakest, I continue soldiering on. I’m in four leagues this year and none of them are 2-0. I have a cumulative 3-5 record two weeks in. Let’s do a quick recap:

Redraft2: I don’t even remember who I drafted. I’m 1-1 and that sounds about right. Can I make it to the second round, which starts after week 6? We’ll wait and see.

2 Mugs: This team is not a disaster but the upside is low. My CJ/DeMmarco Murray 1/2 picks have been less than impressive. I was the guy who spent $11 of my $100 FAB budget to get Ogletree after week one. I need Leshoure to be a starting RB for me to compete, and Denarius Moore not getting hurt again would be nice.

Zealots 34: In week one I won a low-scoring battle with one of the worst teams in the league. In week two I had the second-highest score in the league and lost. The difference was Fred Davis not producing and my opponent having the ageless Tony Gonzalez. I traded a 3rd-round rookie pick to get Gonzalez in his swan song season. If that’s the one player I need to win, I’ll take it.

I’ll survive the Forte injury because I have Michael Bush. I was disappointed that he didn’t get a starting gig but he’s going to help me at least for one week. The downside was losing Nicks. Nicks and Cruz are my obvious WR1/2. I have a lot of chum after that. Kendall Wright started one week and this week I’m starting Denarius Moore and Michael Crabtree. This is the year for me to make the championship run.

I feel the opposite about the AUFL. I am 0-2 and Jay Cutler was the main reason why I lost last week. I can’t get four points from my QB in this QB league. Obviously taking Cutler over RGIII was a mistake. I tried to alleviate that mistake by trading for RGIII. The problem is he’s the leading scorer in my league and the price is fairly high. First offer was Jimmy Graham, which was rejected like Vernon Davis trying to dunk after a TD. The counter was Trent Richardson. If I traded Richardson, my running back “stable” would be Ryan Mathews, Peyton Hillis, Jonathan Stewart, and Mark Ingram. I couldn’t do that. I offered Calvin.

Yeah, I offered Calvin Johnson for RGIII. I have better WR depth (Lloyd, Bryant, Britt), although with a total of 0 touchdowns you could argue that isn’t the case. It’s easier to find a WR on waivers than a RB. We’ll see how it goes. I have a good enough team to compete as long as that Packers game is Cutler’s low mark. It would help if my QB2/3s in Locker and Wilson would have a good game or two.

Maybe my bad “real” teams have muted my fantasy excitement for 2011. At least I know I’m willing to make moves, for better or worse, to help my chances.

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