Know Your Enemy: Fantasy Jedi of Being Awesome

I asked “serious” questions of Steph Stradley. It’s time to have some fun with Titans/Texans with Robert Miller, who goes by the nom de Twitter FantasyJedi.

Miller is a native Houstonian who grew up spending his Sundays in the Astrodome watching the ups and downs of Houston Oiler football. Today he insists that he is “a man without a team” and has trouble committing his heart to either the Texans or the Titans. Part of him will always be a Oiler fan, and his moral compass insists that he support the home team. I sat down with the enigmatic Jedi to talk Titans v. Texans. Or I sat down at my desk, wrote some questions and sent them to Miller.

When the Titans wore Oilers throwbacks in 2009, how was that received in Houston?

It was the epitome of bittersweet moments for me. I love the columbia blue uniforms and the oil derricks. Considering it was in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the AFL, you can’t ignore two championships but I can understand if a converted Texans fan wants to put the past behind them. I hadn’t seen those uniforms for 13 years and it was a very nice moment in the end, I wish they would do it more often. [Zach note: You can borrow my Chris Johnson Oiler throwback.]

Is there anyone in the world you hate more than Bud Adams? I want the real vitriol from an honest Oilers fan.

As an adult, it’s easier for me to look back and see the effect such a drastic change in the landscape of a football-rich city like Houston can have. And we have the Cleveland Browns example to look at and realize that Mr. Adams didn’t just move a football team, he took the history with him. The things we clung to, they’re someone else’s now who likely didn’t live through it. I don’t hate him for moving the team, it’s was economics. But for me to have to read about Oiler history on the Titans Wikipedia page is too much. The Oilers belong to Houston and I’ll never understand why he took everything. I don’t wish harm upon Bud Adams, I just hope that the Titans don’t win a Super Bowl while he’s alive.

Arian Foster is a quirky guy for an NFL star. Has he been embraced by the Texan faithful?

Houstonians are a results-oriented bunch, so he’s in he clear there. But the #namaste stuff probably doesn’t ring true to the grass-fed fan around here. We’re used to our players selling sausage and beef, not going vegan.

The rest of the AFC kind of sucks. Should we just give the Texans a bye to the Super Bowl?

I’m looking forward to how the team responds to a loss or two. Houston can get behind a team like a wave and carry them pretty far, but if they lose a few games and don’t pick themselves up, the city might not be there for them. Houston is a fickle place.

How jarring is it to see a Texans team with a good defense? They really don’t seem to miss Mario Williams.

I remember a good defense or two in the distant past, but not this balanced. Being coached by a Phillips always helps, too. And no, they don’t miss Mario Williams. Williams is a flashy talent, but he didn’t provide consistency. And if memory serves me correctly, Houston teams don’t overspend for athletes as a general rule.

What’s your beer/drink of choice for watching Sunday’s game?

Like Steph Stradley said, Houston is St. Arnold’s town. I like a nice Elissa IPA to kick off a Sunday.

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