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Ryan Boser is a rocker and a roller. This Vikings fan recently moved to Seattle and loves NFL football starting at 10 a.m. I didn’t write about the Titans this week because I’m tired of writing the same old story. They got blown out, blah blah blah, to a rival that used to be pathetic and now looks really strong blah blah blah Locker got hurt blah blah blah receivers can’t catch blah blah blah Hasselbeck is a statue blah blah blah the defense can’t cover or rush the passer blah blah blah the Vikings are good.

Are the Vikings good? When you get the soft underbelly of the AFC South for three of your first five games, that my friend is a scheduling gift. The Vikings surprised in beating the 49ers and Lions but needed a near-miracle to beat the Jaguars and were the only team to lose to the Colts. But that win against the 49ers was impressive.

Let’s get back to this week’s representative of the enemy. Ryan Boser is a bit of a fantasy nomad. He’s written for Fantasy Victory and Bleacher Report. If you believe in the third-year wide receiver breakout theory, Boser is in his third-year breakout with His past NFL/fantasy football experience includes Bruno Boys Fantasy Football, Lester’s Legends, Out of My League (blog), Maple Street Press, KFAN FM 100.3’s Fantasy Football Weekly and numerous other web and media outlets.

Let’s chat all things purple.

In Christian Ponder, have the Vikings found their first franchise QB since Daunte Culpepper (may he rest in peace)? They have. The physical tools are all there, and he simply works and studies too hard not to succeed at a high level. Just look at how much the game has slowed down for him in 14 starts—he’s going through progressions and really limiting mistakes (he’s the only quarterback without an interception). If he stays healthy, he’s the long-term answer, and if he gets hurt, I’m confident that he won’t choose to rehab in a Florida strip mall next to a Happy Wok.

Is Adrian Peterson going to be in the next Avengers movie? He’s been awesome. Before he goes to sleep, the boogeyman checks under the bed for Adrian Peterson.

Are you concerned that the Vikings only generated six non return points against the Lions? Was the game plan conservative after the early lead?
Not concerned. The two return scores wiped away two offensive opportunities, Blair Walsh missed a rare field goal, and the offense skewed conservative with the lead. This team generated 24 points, 25 first downs and 344 yards against San Francisco the previous week, which is better than both Green Bay and Detroit fared across the board. I’m especially excited to see what Kyle Rudolph will do this week against a Tennessee defense that ranks dead last in yardage (360) and touchdowns (7) allowed to the tight end position. In fact, the Titans are so bad at defending tight ends, that this might just be the week that the Vikings finally decide to activate their super secret weapon, $25M man John Carlson. Wait, he’s been active? Oh. [Zach note: I have relentlessly pestered Ryan about the John Carlson signing all offseason. $5 million a year for a blocking tight end? Sold.]

How would you attack the Vikings defense?
This used to be an easy answer (throw), but through four games the turnaround we’ve experienced from the Vikings secondary has been staggering. They just put Calvin Johnson on his worst game in the last two seasons! Throwing will still be the path of least resistance, as the Purple run defense has been lights out, so I think Tennessee’s best bet is to exploit Jared Cook’s size with quick-hitters early and often. The Vikings have struggled with tight ends for years, and 2012 has been no exception. Last week Brandon Pettigrew dropped what should have been the fourth tight end touchdown against Minnesota in as many games.

Are you less concerned about the Titans due to Hasselbeck starting over Locker?
They’re certainly less dynamic with ol’ noodle arm under center. Locker’s arm and athleticism may have given Tennessee a fighting chance in an uphill battle, but without him, I fully expect the Vikings to roll to a double-digit victory.

Since I have no idea, which version of CJ do you expect to see on Sunday? The “falling down” version or the surprisingly effective one from last week? The Vikings are giving up less than 3.2 YPC to opposing backs, and I view Chris Johnson as nothing more than a glorified third down back. It’s going to take more than one shiny box score for me to change an opinion that’s been forming for over 12 months—Johnson’s a cowardly pig. [Zach note: But he’s our cowardly pig.]

What’s your game-time beer of choice?
I’m a big fan of Diamond Knot Industrial IPA, from the local brewery that’s within stumbling distance of my house. On the domestic front, a heavy Bud has never let me down, and depending on the fate of my fantasy football team, I’ve also been known to beer bong Long Island ice teas.

Do you prefer Sunday football starting at 10 a.m. on the West Coast as opposed to high noon in Chicago?
I absolutely love it. I’m an early bird, and it’s great to be able to watch back-to-back-to-back games and still have a chunk of my night left.

Thanks to Ryan for convincing me that the Titans are going to yet again get pounded. I always come up with a flicker of hope, but the Titans have all but extinguished it. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

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