Know Your Enemy: Rick Fleeger of Fantasy Asylum on the Pittsburgh Steelers

I jokingly put out a request for a Steelers fan on Twitter and Rick Fleeger answered the call. I say jokingly because a good 20% of the fantasy experts I’ve interviewed are fans of the black and gold. I think one still lives in the Steel City. I found another one. Let’s roll.

Is the next Steelers head coach in high school yet? How long do you think Tomlin will roam the sidelines for the Steelers? He may be in high school….maybe. The Rooneys have a long history of maintaining continuity in their staff, even through lean years. Unless Tomlin leaves for another job, which never happens either, he’ll be on the Steelers’ sideline for at least another 20 years.

Have Steelers fans forgiven Ben Roethlisberger, or are they just putting up with him because he’s no Bubby Brister? While not being Bubby Brister is an admirable trait, Roethlisberger has long been forgiven. Anger towards any Steeler player lasts only as long as the next playoff appearance. Barring a season where he throws more INT than TD and the Steelers miss the playoffs, it’ll never be brought up again.

Did Mike Wallace’s holdout shenanigans this offseason mean that he’s going to be a free agent next year, or will the Steelers sign him to an extension? Without question. It’s a classic catch 22. If he struggles, no need to resign him. If he plays up to his potential, they won’t pay him. Antonio Brown got Mike Wallace’s money. Good bye, Mike.

Seriously, how did the Steelers transition to becoming so good at picking wide receivers in recent drafts? They had a lot to overcome after taking the likes of Limas Sweed early. I think it’s less about the WR and more about Big Ben and the offensive scheme. These aren’t my father’s Steelers. The days of run first and play defense are over. They drafted fast kids in the middle rounds and let Ben take care of the rest. [Zach note: I don’t even think Roethlisberger could save Sweed.]

Are the Steelers worried about Jamie Harper? You know, the Titans backup running back? OK, I’m laughing too. Probably more worried than they are about Chris Johnson. Any chance you could explain that to me? [Zach note: There will be an NFL Network documentary on it. The Talent That Was or something. In the end, it will be another ode to Bill Belichick’s genius.]

How are the Steelers reloading on defense? They’re getting a little long in the tooth. As Mike Tomlin says, “next man up.” In terms of the linebacker position, name the last outside linebacker that failed in Dick LeBeau’s system. Watch out for Jason Worilds to be a pro bowler in 2013. [Zach note: Makes sense since the Steelers have three linebackers with $10 million plus salary cap hits next year.]

What’s your beer of choice to watch during Thursday’s game? Iron City, of course.

Promote thyself. What is Asylum Football and why should we be afraid and intrigued?
No need to be afraid. We are a twice weekly fantasy football podcast that can be found at, on iTunes, and live Tuesdays and Fridays on Blog Talk Radio. We call it the Asylum because we trend away from the 7 million fantasy shows on the market. Anyone can read you the stats and tell you to start Drew Brees. We manage to have some fun, tell some stories, and fight amongst ourselves while still providing the best fantasy advice on the planet…..or at least in this room. Check us out at and @asylumfootball on Twitter.

Thank you Fleeger. I will have an Iron City (or another beer and pretend it’s Iron City) in your honor tomorrow night.

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