Know Your Enemy: Brian Quinlan

Brian was extraordinarily nice to answer a second set of questions in a somewhat inebriated state. Judging by the answers, I might need to do this more.

Why hasn’t the vaunted defensive line jelled yet? The eternal optimist in me wants to say it’s partially due to the transition back to the 4-3 or the fact that these guys are just getting familiar with playing along side new teammates, the pessimist wants to say both Mario and Mark were overpaid and overrated. I think the truth lies somewhere in between. In fairness to Mario people were expecting the next coming of Bruce Smith in Buffalo so it’s hard to live up to that. On the flip side I have literally watched the 100 million dollar man disappear in games. I think it’s safe to say most Bills fans expected too much at the start, but by the end of the season the defense will be far improved from what they showed in that week 1 embarrassment to the hated New York Tebows.

With the recent history of Bills, shall we say lack of success, do you view the 3-3 start as “tied for first place” or “tied for last place”? More like lost in No Man’s Land. The fact is Tom Brady and the Patriots are the class of the AFC East and the triumvirate of disappointment will again battle it out to see who finishes 2nd. To be specific though, I don’t think the Bills have found their identity. The best offensive weapons they have are FJax and Spiller so what I’d really like to see is a 60-40 split with the Bills focused on running the ball.

This time next year, who’s the head coach and starting QB for the Bills? Gailey and Fitzpatrick, unless Geno Smith is available when the Bills draft.

Since the Titans have been absolute rubbish this year on the road, have you already chalked this up as a win? Fuck NO. I haven’t been confident in a Bills win in over a decade. [Zach note: I knew someone would be able to match me in pessimism.]

Now that Chris Johnson has been not terrible for two out of three weeks, is he the offensive player the Bills are game-planning the most? They should be. The Bills have been absolute shit against the run this year, last in the league giving up 817 yards and 7 TDs through 6 games. I have Chris Johnson starting in every fantasy league I own him in. [Zach note: My apologies.]

Are CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson now fully healthy? Yes, and with that I expect a split that will only serve to piss off fantasy owners. I would love the Bills to transition into being a run first team, but until the defense can do it’s part they will struggle with getting ample work for both RBs.

Are you sending Bell’s Brewery a sternly worded letter every day until they start selling their beer in Dallas? What’s your beer of choice for this Sunday’s game? I continue to harass the good folks at Bells, yet sadly they have not caved. One day they will and I’ll buy a case of Hopslam and a carton of Advil… a good Sunday it will be.

Is there anything I didn’t ask that you want to address? I’d like to address the total distortion of power that Roger Goodell displays, but I’m drunk and I’m drunk so fuck that here goes my very brief thoughts on what the Bills need to do to beat the Music City Assholes. The Titans are terrible against the run. I’d like to see the Bills run it 35-40 times, and really work that defense out. The Bills defense must pressure Hasselbeck, and contain CJnoK, while hopefully creating more turnovers than they give up. I expect a close game, then again I expect to win the lottery and sleep with twins so who the hell knows what’s gonna happen, but everyone loves a prediction so I’ll say Bills 23 Titans 20.

Throw out any plugs unless you want to stay incognito. – I’ve been dormant so far but anticipate my schedule freeing up in the next 4 weeks so I’ll be around more for the playoff push… the fantasy playoffs that is.

Follow Brian on Twitter, because he’s taking a little Twitter break now but will be back and stronger than ever shortly.

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