Titans Post-Mortem: I Needs Fantasy More Than Ever

The lesson learned from the Titans defeat is…dang, couldn’t Dez Bryant have kept his freaking hand in bounds on that potential game-winner? Sorry, I’m distracted by my fantasy team because you know, my fantasy team has a chance of winning.

The Titans can’t lose games like this, except they do. The defense shut down the Colts all game, well, they kept them out of the end zone, and with seven minutes to go, the Colts drove down the field to tie the game. The Titans had one more chance to break the tie and win on a last-minute kick, but they failed to get close enough.

Rob Bironas yanked a 45 yarder. With 20 seconds to go, Dwayne Allen caught the ball near the sticks and fumbled as the ref blew the whistle. Replays showed a clear fumble which would have led to a chip-shot kick. The refs didn’t review the play. I imagine the home crowd wasn’t too happy. Still, it shouldn’t have come to this. if you want to beat a division rival who is clearly rebuilding, you probably need to be ahead by more than a score when your nothing-to-lose opponent gets their last shot.

Before the game, the Titans were a borderline playoff team with a win. After losing this game, they can go back to hoping that maybe they’ll sweep the Jaguars. Honestly, I wouldn’t bet on more than one division win, even with how terrible the Jaguars have been.

I’m going to the game next weekend with my friend Don, who put together a performance of a life time this week. This guy started with wine, drank the two bottles of Southern Tier Pumpking that I bought him, and he went back to wine. This was during the early games this week. We will drink our way across Nashville next weekend.

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