Fantasy Files: Podcastin’ with the Nomad

I won’t wax too long on my Fantasy Nomad podcast appearance last night. I’ll just say that Michael Pichan is the kind of host who offered me his lazy boy and poured a healthy draft of Corsendonk Brown Ale in one of those glasses that would make some question my sexuality but it brings out all of the flavor notes.

He is one heck of a salesman, that Pichan. He called my book “cheaper than a Hot and Ready pizza”. Can you say blurb? I’ll have him as my Ask Your FF Expert to find out many things, including what is this entity known as the New York Knicks.
I didn’t cry openly on the air last night, so I call the appearance a success.

Listen to the whole podcast, because I’m only in there for 30 minutes. The rest could be much better.


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