Know Your Enemy: Alex Miglio of PFF and Bleacher Report

Alex Miglio is a fantastic guy who posts incredible articles covering fantasy and “real” football as Redraft Editor for PFF Fantasy and a Featured Columnist role at Bleacher Report. He’s also writing a column for The Huddle called Under the Numbers (subscriber content). He agreed to talk about all things Dolphins, as the Dolphins no longer suck. That’s bad news for the Titans.

Ryan Tannehill: worth the tattoo? Tell me about your feelings on the guy you loved in preseason. He has exceeded my expectations, to be honest. I thought it was going to be a long burn for Tannehill, but that he would eventually be a good starter. He’s obviously a rookie, but I am impressed.

Looking at his workload of late, Reggie Bush isn’t getting the feature back touches. Is the plan to limit his touches, or is it due to game plan and his injuries? Before the season I thought Bush would get a pretty big workload, and that was the case early in the season. Then LaRon Landry dove at Bush’s legs.

Reggie hasn’t been the same since he was injured on that unnecessary run before halftime against the Jets in Week 3, and it shows. His Barry Sanders-like touchdown run last week notwithstanding, it does look like the Dolphins are limiting his workload to try to keep him fresh. As long as Daniel Thomas is relatively effective, I imagine that will be the case.

The Titans do seem to be good medicine for opposing running backs.

Dolphins run D versus Chris Johnson? Who wins, because we can’t have any subtleties here. Someone has to win. The Dolphins defense wins.

Yes, Johnson’s had a nice run of games, and he had an unexpected outburst against the Bears last week. But Chicago was winning 51-12 when he hit that 80-yard touchdown run. Now, if Miami’s winning by 39 then I’d expect them to relax a bit on defense. I’d also expect to be arrested for being on LSD.

Miami’s got a good run defense. It’s their pass defense that’s suspect; I’d expect Johnson to have a good day catching more than running the ball.

Hartline has been a major pain in my fantasy ass this year. Is he the long-term number one, or will the team look to upgrade next season? I think the team will look to upgrade next season and keep Hartline in the fold. Hartline is a free agent this offseason, so there’s no guarantee he’ll even be back. They’ve talked about re-signing him before, so I imagine they will try to do that without overpaying.

He does seem to have a rapport with Tanehill, though, and he has obviously produced. It would be fun to see him at full health with a guy like Dwayne Bowe on the other side.

(Yes, he was there with Brandon Marshall, but he never really got a chance to shine because of injuries and lack of playing time.)

As fellow Dolfan Paymon Shokoohi tweeted to me, it actually hurts for the Dolphins to lose now. How are you doing with all of the narrow defeats? It’s frustrating, but to be honest… the whole writing thing has mellowed me out. Maybe it’s striving for objectivity, or maybe it’s because the writing has coincided with becoming a father, but the losses don’t sting like they used to. (Or maybe the years of mediocrity have just numbed me.)

But to your point, it is good to have a team that sparks the passion again, however fleeting. The Dolphins might be a ways away from being true contenders, but the fact we are even having this virtual conversation is refreshing.

The Titans are a pile of steaming garbage. Would Dolphin Nation take my application? I’m still playing the field, but you could put a good word in for me. It’s Miami! Welcome back.

I can put in a good word, but I’m not sure who will listen. Sadly, I’m not Pitbull.

Do you have game-time beer selection, or are you typing two articles simultaneously all day?
The amount of brain power required to juggle two kids under three, the sheer awesomeness of the Red Zone Channel, trying to be funny on Twitter and taking notes for articles is staggering. I can’t imagine I’d be able to do all of that with even one beer in my system.

But if we’re talking about a Thursday night game with buddies, I like to rotate. I’m a fan of porters, but I like to try new beers when I can.

Are you still a PFF/Bleacher guy? Any other plugs you’d like to share? Indeed. I am now the Redraft Editor for PFF Fantasy, managing a dozen or so writers. The Featured Columnist role for Bleacher Report has been both fun and challenging, and I’m still going strong there. I’m also writing a weekly piece for during the season called Under the Numbers.

If you’re wondering when I sleep, I’m trying to figure that out myself.

Thanks for the words of wisdom, Alex. Follow him on Twitter. And go Dolphins, because we know they will.

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