Know Your Bye Week: Dynasty Tim Talks Titans

When men share ribs, they become closer than brothers. I interviewed Tim many moons ago and he is my go-to guy to talk Titans. I figured that for the bye week, why not go to a local? Follow Tim on Twitter, check out his stuff at Dynasty League Football, and listen to the Dynasty League Podcast which he co-hosts.

Question time. The bastard told me he got ribs to eat while typing his answers.

Your comments in last week’s DLF podcast made you seem anti-Locker. What can he do in the rest of 2012 to help alleviate your concerns about his accuracy? I’m not anti-Locker. [Zach note: He is so anti-Locker.] I’m just not convinced that he’ll have an immediate positive impact for the fantasy prospects of the other skill players like Britt, Washington, Cook and Wright.

I have high hopes for Locker, I just thing it will take time. He’s not the savior of the Titans quite yet. What I want to see is a few games of solid decision-making, a willingness to stay in the pocket as opposed to succumbing to the temptation to run and good game management.

I’m glad we have Locker but it will take a minute.

Is there anything that Chris Johnson can do to get back in your heart? He’s done a nice job already.

CJ?K is basically a match-up fantasy player at this point. He’s not a surefire starter, but he’s close. You could easily imagine having CJ2K, Spiller and ALF. In that case you’d have a decision to make each week. [Zach note: Yeah, bench one of the other two guys.]

He’s a problem for the Titans mostly because of the crap contract, but they have plenty of other problems that are more pressing clearly.

I think we’re similar in that we’re both pessimistic-leaning when it comes to this team. Were you always this way or did the Vince Young/Kerry Collins era break your spirit? We were probably spoiled by the 1999 run. I went to every playoff game that year – Music City Miracle, then Indy in the old RCA Dome, then the smashing we put on Jacksonville (which was awesome partly because it was 75 degrees). The other beauty of that game was that Jacksonville had only three losses that year and they all came at the hands of the Titans!

Since then, things have been largely mediocre. Some ups and some downs. I think the thing that actually broke my heart was the squandered pick on Vince Young. When you’re picking with the 1.03, you need to make a franchise selection or trade down. I told everyone who would listen that the right move was to trade the pick and take Jay Cutler later in the draft. What people probably don’t remember is that he was the Nashville golden boy. It made both football and business sense to take him.

I’ll add to that and say this notion that certain players (like VY) are “winners” is BS. This is the same thing the apologists say about Tebow. Well I’m here to tell you that every QB in the damned NFL is a “winner”. Alex Smith lost one game in college and has been one of the most vilified players in recent years. VY is out of the league. How much of a winner is he really?

Here’s a theoretical situation: Bud Adams decides to fire Rulon Webster as GM and hire a random fan. You win the gig. What are you doing with the roster this offseason? I’m starting out by figuring out who is really making the draft decisions. I swear to God that I believe they have someone who gets to make the first and second round choices and then someone who handles the rest of it (and is better). Whenever I see a Titans draft I pretty much write off the first round as a bust. How could I not? VY, PacMan, Kevin Dyson over Randy Moss by the way, must I go on! [Zach note: The Titans have a pretty good track record in the middle of the first round, but those two consecutive top-ten picks were killers.] I have a sneaky suspicion that the Adams Family has taken a page out of Jerry Jones’ book.

After that, I’d head down to Mike Munchak’s office and ask the HOF offensive lineman why the worst aspect the team is the offensive line. That seems like a reasonable question, right? Steve Hutchinson was supposed to be the second coming but he’s just over the hill and by the time the Titans are competitive he’ll be in the broadcast booth.

I guess net/net I’d ask people to do their jobs. I wouldn’t do them for them. That’s why you have a staff in any business – and make no mistakes an NFL team is just that – a business.

Can the defense build from the Dolphins game and cease being terrible? Who knows? We lose by over 30 one week and then win by over 30 the next. Is that even possible? The take away from the Dolphins game is that the Dolphins aren’t a playoff team. If you can’t take care of the Titans on your own turf you’ve got serious problems. And to get outright smoked by them is pathetic. Especially since the game was riddled with mistakes. Jack Locker threw for a whopping 122 yards in a game where the Titans scored 37 points. That’s quite improbably as well.

Basically until I see otherwise I’m calling that game a fluke. Of course what is sure to happen is we will win enough games to ensure a crap draft pick. This is exactly what we did last year. We were the “best” team not to make the playoffs. Nothing spells mediocrity better than that. Of course a strong argument could be made that we pick better in the 20s than the top-10. . .

Who is your favorite Titan of all time? Tough one. Donnie Nickey is a nice guy and you’ve been with me to his dive bar. [Zach note: Angling for free ribs. I like this tactic.] I like Michael Roos too. He’s been great to me the few times I’ve hung out with him. But I think you mean it from the fan perspective and in that case I’d have to say Jevon “The Freak” Kearse. I’ve seen a lot of football and grew up watching the great Reggie White, but Kearse had his own special brand of pass rush. When he was in his prime, he was basically unstoppable. Oh and we drafted him at 1.16 – again see how my “we stink if we pick early” thing is working?

Where are some other Nashville restaurants that you will show me the next time I’m in town? Zach, you know me and you know I love food! Here are a couple of my current favorites:

Café Nonna Pizzeria/Wine Bar – This just opened a few weeks ago. It’s wood fired pizza. It’s not quite the same as other wood fired, I can’t quite put my finger on it but it’s delicious. Bonus: A percentage of all purchases go to pediatric brain cancer research because the owner lost his daughter ten years ago to the disease.

Suzy Wong’s House of Yum – Fusion Chinese. It’s an alternative Chinese restaurant that is basically like an Asian tapas bar. That’s cool. You get eat like six different things which at a Chinese restaurant is awesome in my book. Bonus: They do Groupons all the time!

The Local Taco – I have to give them props. They are an alternative Mexican place. The tacos are all quite strange but tasty. Examples: Korean BBQ, Spicy Shrimp, Southern Fried Chicken. They use only locally grown products. The veggies are all from right here in middle Tennessee. Bonus: Every day they have a different special. Weekends rock with breakfast tacos and Mexican Bloody Marys. Saturday always includes a midday nap!

Now you know where to eat in Nashville. Do follow this fine gent and until next week, go Titans.


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