Ask Your Fantasy Football Expert: Week 15 Fantasy Playoffs edition

Last week’s edition was a huge success so I’m asking some of fantasy’s greatest minds to talk about their Week 15 fantasy playoff matchups.

Steve Gallo

I had two byes last week and I always put in a lineup just to see how I would have done. In both leagues I ended up with what would have been the high score. That tells me that I am going to get smoked today. I sure hope that isn’t how it plays out because I have had very good years in both leagues this year. In SOFA IDP I was the regular season high scorer with an all-play record of 101-42 (.706). There would be no shame in losing against John Georgopoulos of Sports Grumblings because he has a strong team, but any time you have a year like I did in the regular season you want to finish what you started, especially when it is against some of the best in the IDP industry. Which is what makes this week so maddening because I have so many bad matchups. I have started Romo every week except for his bye week. Now with the Dez finger issue I am contemplating going with Colin Kaepernick but something about that matchup in NE doesn’t sit well with me. Then at LB I have Karlos Dansby — who like Romo — I started every week except for his bye week, but with a poor matchup I am sitting him. I have issues at DB too. Antoine Winfield didn’t practice all week due to a knee injury and Bernard Pollard looks like he won’t play either. That means I am plugging in two guys (D. Manning and D. McCray) that I got off of waivers this week.

In my other league I had the 2nd most points in the regular season (lost overall high points in the final week by just 18.83 pts) and an all-play record of 150-45 (16 teams) so anything short of at least a finals appearance will be disappointing. I have won this league before but have been snake bitten with luck at times so I am not about to count any chickens.

“Dynasty” Tim Stafford

I have your garden variety playoff match-up this week. The twist is I can only start two of Forte, Spiller, Murray and David Wilson. I’m losing sleep since I’m sure that whoever I pick will be the wrong. I’ll be sure to Tweet out my choices on Sunday so people can go the other direction for their teams. [Zach note: I mentioned on Twitter how there’s going to be an avalanche of people posting WDIS questions with ridiculous options. I get to choose three from Bryce, Ray Rice, Murray, and Forte.]

Jeff Haseley

This is my first taste of the playoffs this year after earning a bye as the #1 seed in two different IDP expert leagues. In my dynasty league, I play my friend and co-host of our Podcast “Laces Out” Gino Cerulli. The show airs Friday’s at 9pm on BTR. Had to get that plug in there. Gino is going to be a tough out. Kudos to him for assembling a great team after inheriting a clunker this year. In my other IDP league I face Neal Ryder of, who I lost to earlier in the year. I’ve got revenge on my mind in my quest to reach the finals, but it will not be easy. I’ll need a big game on the defensive side of the ball to prevail.

Andy Miley

My biggest matchup this week is against the “mighty” Ryan Burns aka the football sicky in the semi-finals for the “Legends of the Fall” league. He is a Browns fan, so he is a natural adversary. It’s kind of like a Tupac vs. Biggie matchup. He has me outgunned at QB and RB as he has Rodgers, Spiller, and S-Jax while I can only fight back with Big Ben, and the Lions RBs (LeShoure and Bell). I have him at WR and TE with Cobb, Julio, Roddy, Graham, and Pitta whiile he has Garcon (could be w/o RG3), Cruz, Fitzgerald (ouch), Welker, and Gates (double ouch).
This matchup could come down to the LBs and I like mine: Bowman, L David, Dunbar, and Wagner.

My spotlight matchup against the Chiefs fell short. This was mostly due to the surge of his d-line as he had Fairley, Peppers, and Wake who accounted for 65 points in very sack favored scoring. My Kevin Williams, Mincey, and Will Smith combined for 7 points. I ended up losing by 27 points, but beat him at every other position. I guess I know my weakness on this dynasty team!

The FF Ghost

Well I split the two contests I mentioned last week. I lost the Redraft² matchup but won my Blue Label matchup against Tim Stafford. [Zach note: Would that blue label be PBR by any chance?] This week my #1 ranked teams start getting into the fray so I’m excited to see how those do. Brees just about sunk me in a few leagues through his bad game, if he does that again this week I’m going to be doing a lot of bag packing. I also need Jordy Nelson to play in one of my more favorite leagues which scares me more than a bit. I’m hobbling along in the league I commish but I’ve got a hell of a matchup in front of me this week against the team who scored the most points in the league and who has a three headed monster of Foster/Peterson/Lynch at RB. Simply put, I don’t like my chances.


After beating my dad, I get my Red Zone watching companion Don. Dez and RGIII are going to be tough. He has to choose between Josh Freeman and Chad Henne at QB so there’s that. In my Zealots 34 matchup, there are too many players to discuss.

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