I am an almost champion

In an exciting set of semifinals, Chuck and Zach defeated Randy and Don, ensuring that the rest of the league will turn off their “receive league articles as e-mail” option forever. The stories this week will give you a look into what the e-mails between Chuck and Zach normally look like. You will wonder why is it that a lawyer and an e-mail marketing manager are able to reply so quickly during what look like “office hours”.

As the season is over for everyone except for us, which means it’s over for 83% of y’all, how was 2012 for you? Let’s examine this in animated gif form.









What, do you think you care about fantasy football? Falcons baby!



And the soon to be champs:

How’s Chuck feeling?

How’s Zach doing?

In league history, nobody’s had a nine-year “break” between championship games. I think about a third of our league hasn’t been in the AUFL nine years. Nobody’s ever had to defeat every other team in his division to win the title, as I’ll have to do to get my name engraved (or not engraved) on the trophy as a “modern era” champion.

It’s appropriate that I would get a rematch with Chuck in the finals, because it was my poor roster management in Week 13 that let Chuck get this far. Had I started T.Y. Hilton over Ryan “Worst Keeper Ever” Mathews that week, I beat Chuck, he goes on to win the Colt .45 and is forced to drink it on draft day, leading to a lawsuit, and Walt makes it to the finals instead.

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