Know Your Enemy: Ken Griggs of Dexter’s Library Part II

It’s on like Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. I generally ask the bloggers I interview to ask me questions in return, and most of the time I don’t get them. This time, Ken sent me questions before answering mine. Here they are, as we chat about the Titans and Packers, Nashville’s fine alleys and beer choices for the holidays.

Once again, follow Ken as his alter ego Dexter’s Library on Twitter. Read his answers to my questions in part one.

Note that Ken’s questions are in bold and my responses are in non-bold.

Were you originally a Houston Oiler fan or only a Tennessee Titans fan? Also, weren’t those Oiler unis the best ever? I was originally a Dolphins fan. I rebelled, growing up in Pittsburgh and preferred the Dolphins’ colors (no lie). Was that a bad move, long-term? Perhaps. I am no bandwagoner. I quit the Dolphins after the 1999 season and moved to the Titans, coincidentally right after their one and only Super Bowl run. [Zach note: The subhead on that 1979 NFL preview on football in 2000 is intriguing. 150-yard fields and female QBs, eh? Does a QB who wears Uggs count?]

I don’t care if the Titans wear them or if they donate them to the Texans as a goodwill gesture. The Oilers colors, much like the Chargers’ powder blues, need to be worn by an NFL team every week.

With the Titans in the tank, do you ever find yourself simply not caring and cheering for your fantasy teams with much more passion? I’ve had the internal debate all year. I’m not taking the losses as seriously. I was thinking of switching loyalties again and the Packers are looking pretty sweet. Fan-owned, small town, pretty good color combination, consistent contender if you ignore the 70s and 80s, all that jazz.

I’m completely befuddled by the direction of the franchise. I’m sure Mike Munchak wowed Bud Adams at the interview with talk of one of Bud’s guys leading the franchise to the long-awaited championship, but I’m not sure if he’s the long-term answer.

CJ2K has had a really good year comparatively to last season. Do you see yourself drafting him next season and whereabouts would you take him? Let’s see. I took him at pick 1.07 in the 2 Mugs draft and he’s RB11 at the moment. He’s had three 80+-yard TDs this year, so the big play is still a possibility. What drives me bonkers is that he averaged 10 TDs a year his first three years and has a total of nine the past two years. He looks like a second-rounder to me.

Remember when RB depth was pathetic in August drafts and Ryan Mathews was the consensus #4, then CJFUk took over after the injury? A lot of those second-round guys like Adrian Peterson, Trent Richardson (ignoring his really poor YPC of late), and Jamaal Charles have really paid off. The position seems a lot deeper heading into 2012.

Who the hell designed the parking logistics at LP Field? We walked through four alleys, by three prostitutes and a passed-out junkie en route to the stadium for the Bears game and then the place was full of Bear fans. Solve all that, would you? There used to be a good tailgating spot that became a park behind the courthouse. Parking isn’t too bad. Nashville is full of lovely alleys, is it not? I don’t live in Nashville so I just park where my parents park. I know how to get to LP Field and my parents’ house and that’s about it without GPS.

Who’s your favorite Titans/Oilers player of all-time? (You better say Earl Campbell or I’m ending this interview.) Drop the microphone. I wasn’t a fan during the Campbell era so I’m going with Steve McNair. He’s such a perfect embodiment of the Jeff Fisher era, a good but not great QB who put it together one year only to have Adam Vinatieri kick an iceball through the goal posts in New England and Drew Bennett drop a desperation 4th-down pass that could have ended the Patriots dynasty. He ends his career with the Ravens after getting locked out of the Titans’ facility, traded in part because the front office screwed up the salary cap in an epic fashion, then gets shot and killed by his mistress on July 4. Your favorite player may be better than my favorite player, but my story’s better.

I know you’re a beer guy so give me your top three beers and what you’d eat with them. I love Corsendonk Brown Ale. I want to hang out with some drunken monks in Belgium and watch them brew beer. I’m a fan of most of what New Belgium produces, and Fat Tire is the go-to beer when I don’t want to look up what Rumford Johnny’s been drinking lately. It’s the holiday season so I’ve been drinking too much of the Trader Joe’s Vintage Ale. It’s a winner every year and it’s pretty cheap.

I pair beer with food, or better yet, more beer. There’s a method to this, seriously?

Do you ever just wander around downtown Nashville in a white suit and white cowboy hat while humming Hank Williams tunes and when someone says something to you, look at them and yell “YOU CAN SEE ME?” I’m missing out. I generally go to Nashville just for the football and for my mom to stuff me with food. The wife and I went downtown one weekend, did the Ryman Auditorium tour and had a good time. Go downtown on a weekend night and you’re guaranteed to hear good music.

Speaking of Nashville, do you think a small band that works hard and does loads of gigs can still make it and do it the “right” way? You know, without sacrificing their integrity and originality like Dexter’s Library has done? I assume that “making it” in the music biz is as difficult as doing so in publishing. Nashville’s the place to be seen. The energy from people trying to “make it” is infectious. We were at a songwriter’s contest at a local music joint near us last year. It was a NCAA tournament-style format, with two bands preforming and judges picking the winner. There were 24 to start and after hours of performances, one was named winner. The winner got enough money to fill the car with gas and drive home. I hear it’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll.

Integrity is overrated. Sell it for a quarter, I says.

Thanks, Dexter, um, Ken. It was hard to use his real name even the second time that we met. Hell of a guy, and I bet we could talk about non football for a whole five minutes if we tried. Oh yeah, we did that in Chicago once.

Follow him on Twitter, or we can’t be friends.

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