Know Your Enemy: Depressed Fan Base Edition with Brad Hill

I planned on going to the Jacksonville/Tennessee game on Sunday as my final look at LP Field until next September. Reality hit, as my cousin’s coming to town for the LSU/Clemson used-to-be Peach Bowl game on Monday and it felt like a better use of my time to watch the games in a sports bar in Atlanta rather than watching one in Nashville and making the round trip in one day. I can see a lot of fans giving the same excuses that girls used to give my friend Judd for not wanting to go on a date with him. “I’m washing my hair.” “I’m armor-plating my car.” “I might miss the last of 43 consecutive The Santa Clause marathons on ABC Family.”

The game’s going to play out a lot like the Monday Night debacle against the Jets, except this time the moribund Jaguars could sweep the Titans. I’m frankly rooting for the sweep.

Here’s a picture of me with one of my holiday gifts. I got a lot of Titans-related stuff from the parents. It’s probably because they don’t want it in their house, but a nice gesture.

For the final Know Your Enemy of the 2012 season, I’m going back to the Brad Hill well. He’s a sport for answering my questions for the second time this year. Check him out at Big Cat Country of the Sports Blog Network and at the Jaguars Blog.

After a hot start, Chad Henne’s cooled off a bit in recent weeks (not that injuries have helped). Do you still see him as the starting QB in Week 1 of 2013? I hope not. Henne is basically the inverse Gabbert…Gabbert senses phantom pressure; Henne doesn’t sense real pressure. Gabbert won’t throw to the middle of the field; Henne won’t throw outside. Gabbert looks half-decent with a mustache; Henne looks hilarious with a mustache. The most likely scenario seems to be that the Jaguars draft a QB in the first two days of the draft and have a three-way QB competition. I’m tired of Henne, though…I would rather see Gabbert.

[Zach note: I’d give Henne’s mustache the slight edge in the QB battle. This mustache is not afraid to throw the deep out.]

Who are some of the players who have been pleasant surprises this year? Name some players who you think will emerge in 2013. Cecil Shorts has surprised the heck out of me, and I’m very disappointed a second concussion ended his season; watching him had pretty much become the only bright spot of this season. I’ve also been impressed by C. J. Mosley, but he isn’t exactly a building block player. For 2013, there isn’t much, but I’d say Mike Harris has the potential to become a solid player at corner, and I’d like to see more Montell Owens running the ball. I wouldn’t be surprised if Owens rushed for 100 yards this week.

What did you think about the team’s spirited battle with the Patriots last week? They were the only team in the division to stay within three touchdowns of the Pats. I was shocked they were even close. I would’ve bet on Patriots -14.5. Still, they couldn’t finish, which has become a common theme this season.

Which fan base should be more depressed about long-term prospects at the moment: Titans or Jags? I think both teams should be equally depressed. I don’t think either team has their quarterback of the future (I’m not a Locker fan). [Zach note: Hard to feel good about the future based on the last couple of games.] Tennessee has guys with more potential (Johnson, Britt, etc.), but they’re streaky and inconsistent. I guess Tennessee’s defense has the edge personnel-wise, but I think Tennessee fans should be a little more depressed right now because their GM will likely still be around in 2013. At least Jaguars fans gets to look forward to a new GM.

Would a sweep of the Titans mean anything to you, or are you hoping to maintain a higher draft position? This game literally means nothing to the Jaguars’ draft position; they are guaranteed either first or second pick. The probability that the Chiefs beat the Broncos is lower than the probability that Mark Sanchez is a legitimate franchise quarterback stuck in a bad situation. If the Chiefs lose, the Jaguars can’t pick anywhere but second. A sweep would absolutely mean something to me, and the only scenario I’d hope for a loss would be if the Chiefs pull off a miracle. At least they have five Pro Bowlers…

Is MJD really going to play? Nope.

What’s the team’s biggest need(s) in the first three rounds of the 2013 draft? Quarterback, defensive end, cornerback, defensive tackle, offensive line (any position except left tackle). It will depend on whether they stick with a 4-3 or switch to a 3-4, also, because the defensive line personnel is better-suited for a 3-4, but they they’d need linebackers.

Do you like the black jerseys? Eh…I hate this uniform set in general. This is the last time you’ll see these ones, though…the Jaguars are getting new uniforms next year. [Zach note: Can they go uglier than the Seattle kits? I bet yes.] I’m hoping for matte black helmets and a design in the neighborhood of what Army wore for the Army/Navy game this year.

Thanks again to Brad, and happy holidays. I’m looking forward to the days when the Titans/Jaguars and not the Texans/Colts is the marquee rivalry in the division.

Follow Brad on Twitter. Also check out his alternate Twitter personality, JaguarsBlog.

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