Fantasy Files: What Do NFL Players Think of Fantasy?

I know a lot of NFL players are on Twitter, and some are more interesting than others. I often wonder what they think of fantasy, especially the fact that fantasy players “own” these guys, although it’s kind of like having a domain on the Internet in that you have a lease, and all you’re leasing is their stats.

I would assume that Kirk Cousins is amused by my latest trade. I chat most often in my local keeper league with Chuck. Chuck just defeated me in our championship game and reminds me daily that RGIII’s knee ligaments have been recently repaired and that might make his fantasy value a bit lower in 2013. He picked up Kirk Cousins late in 2012 as we all have three QBs on our rosters. He offered to trade me Cousins. I joked and replied that I would trade him for a warm bottle of Redbridge. Chuck discovered a few years ago that his body can’t tolerate gluten, so the years of me buying him 40s of Bud (he’s from St. Louis) were over.

Chuck replied that he’d take a cold one, and that he was serious.

I thought why the bleep not? There’s no way in Hades that I would keep Kirk Cousins, but why not backfill just in case another injury tragedy strikes? Thanks to his most recent performance, I’m giving serious consideration for keeping Colin Kaepernick. RGIII is still a greater dynasty prospect, but this is a keeper league and we have two more years before the redraft. I’m not sure if it’s worth my while to keep a guy when I’m going to need to be one of the first guys to draft a backup QB.

We made the offer, and the Commish asked if we were “sure” about it. We were.

Sometimes you have to shake things up to keep long-term interests fresh. We still have more than six months of offseason in our futures. Besides, Chuck won this trade big-time because as he mentioned, nobody sells a single of Redbridge. I’m going to have to buy the whole six pack. You win this round, Hoey.

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