Zachrilege: Fooled by the Weather

I’ve taken to recording my thoughts as I drive to work instead of listening to podcasts. Most of the time, I don’t go back and listen to what I said in the early morning. Last night, I decided to give it a whirl and see what I had. I’ll distill the last couple of ones into a sentence or two (you’re welcome).

Earlier this week, I just completed a video game called Rayman Origins. It’s a super-fun side-scrolling game in the vein of the somewhat older Mario games, but cooler. There aren’t a ton of video games my wife and I can play together. This was one of them. I was a little sad when the credits rolled, although I’ll probably still play from time to time.

I have bad teeth and gums. Perhaps I’m paying for having the brushing and flossing work ethic of a young JaMarcus Russell when I was a kid and a teenager. Now I brush my teeth twice a day, floss, do the little gum thingy in the morning, and it’s too late. I had a filling while watching MMA (not my thing) and had a consultation for a gum graft. Yeah, it’s not pretty. When I went to pay and got the estimate for the graft, it was going to cost as much as a used car. I have a feeling that a lot of us are going to get similar sticker shock moments for medical procedures that are recommended but not life threatening in the next, oh, 50 years.

I’m going to see the documentary Sound City with the wife tonight as a “date night”. When you find out your spouse has a crush on a celebrity, it’s best to just roll with it. I listened to the Nerdist podcast featuring Dave Grohl while on the elliptical this morning. She chose wisely. Honestly, I think she just wants to jam with him (she’s a part-time rocker), but when she found out that she spoke Italian, it did go to the next level.

Next week I’ll be interviewing Chad Scott, who writes for a few fantasy sites but most recently got promoted to official DLF writer (check out his debut, featuring a question from me) and joined my dynasty league. He’s in for it.

The title is a reference to the fact that I woke up yesterday morning and it was 65 degrees. I got my workout clothes out this morning anticipating similar temperatures. It was 35. January is messing with me.

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