Podcasts of the Week: February 17 Edition

This may or may not be a “regular” column, but with the offseason seeming to be endless at this point, why the heck not? Here are some notes from the podcasts that I listened to this week. I’ll focus on three, even though I listen to a bunch.

Music City Miracles Radio: When I did my Bleacher Report gig, I went to Music City Miracles every day to get story ideas. This is the official SB Nation blog for the Tennessee Titans. It’s a good mix of fan postings, links to beat writer and national articles, and general team information. August West and Danomite hosted. Snippets I got out of the ‘cast were the good news that the Titans were hosting veteran free agents Chris Canty and George Wilson, whether the Titans should go guard with the 10th draft pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, the addition of Gregg Williams to the defensive snap, and the need for a “bruiser” running back to complement Chris Johnson a la LenDale White in 2008. Honestly, it’s hard to believe that the Titans can’t find a talent comparable to White, whether it’s in the draft’s middle rounds (think Montee Ball) or in free agency (Peyton Hillis perhaps).

They had to depress me at the end by bringing up the Ravens’ championship and how the Titans have been feeding Baltimore with talent ever since the painful purge of 2006 that moved Steve McNair, Derrick Mason and Samari Rolle eastward.

Dynasty Pulse: Chase Wheetley, who I interviewed last year after he joined my dynasty league and took a writing gig at Dynasty Football Warehouse, told me about this podcast when I asked him about writers at DFW who would be good for interviews. He directed me to his Dynasty Pulse co-hosts Dan Hosler and Gino Cerulli. In this week’s edition, they were doing a kind of best-of edition for the 2012-13 NFL season. I focused on Gino’s contributions because I still was working on his interview questions. Chase took Gino to task for his preseason shunning of Doug Martin. Speaking of the LenDale role, the Titans had just that guy in LeGarrette Blount and cut him before the 2011 season to pick up a couple of special-teams guys. Blount was supposed to be the guy to keep Martin off the field.

Gino has a jerk of the week award, which reminded me a little of Dave Dameshek because he does a similar thing on the Adam Carolla podcast with a much higher degree of Pittsburgher accent. Gino is from Pennsylvania. His jerk of the year went to Dan, which disappointed me a bit as a new listener because I’m still a newbie to these personalities and haven’t figured out their banter yet. In short, they bash on NFL players, mainly for their fantasy shortcomings, yet they bash on each other to a greater degree.

2 Mugs: This week Ryan and Johnny had Sigmund Bloom on to discuss the draft. They talked Percy Harvin, the “smoke” of rumors and speculation that happens this time of year, and the deep WR group coming into the league. It was a shorter podcast than usual, running about 35 minute to their usual hour. Sigmund is one of those voices that I think would be compelling even if the chat never reached football. Sometimes I think that he just does podcasts 24/7 because the Audible posts new stuff seemingly every other day and I’ve heard him “guest star” on practically every fantasy football podcast ever conceived.

I’ll throw in some more next week, but it’s Sunday and I smell like a member of Genghis Khan’s army. For a non-football podcast, do check out Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History. I’m currently listening to “Wrath of the Khans” which is in part five. How the Khans shaped world history is compelling stuff, and Carlin brings his A game.

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