Ask Zach: April Fool’s Day Edition

I didn’t have an expert this week so I did the next best thing. OK, so having me answer fantasy or football questions is more like the 100th-next best thing. I do not have minions yet, I keep getting outbid by JJ on ebay.

When in doubt, the questions were asked by Chris Goodin of FF Oasis. You can check out his interview or our truncated Google Hangout from last night. I believe Chris lives about five miles (or 1000 kilometers, if my American math checks out) from the spot where the ship sank in The Perfect Storm. That’s what his connection on the Google Hangout looked like, anyway.

From Chris: How many yards will Shonn Greene get this year. How many TDs? My current “conspiracy theory” is that the Titans drop CJFUk next offseason and go with a RBBC of Greene and a 2013/2014 rookie, or perhaps a running back that Chris mentions later. The Titans haven’t been in the business of scoring a lot of running TDs lately so there may only be 10 or so to pass around. Locker will get a couple, CJFUk will get his 4-5, and Greene will get the rest. Even if CJ gets hurt, you’re not going to like yourself for having Greene on any fantasy roster.

From ByrneMattYon: How do you feel about Steve Smith Carolina fantasy value this year? What wrs do you take before and after him?

Chris said that the Carolina Panthers have the best schedule for wideouts this season. I say that’s statistically impossible because the Panthers do not play the Titans. It’s a super deep WR corps this year. You can get Steve Smith in the WR3 range and he has high WR2 upside.

Next three questions are all Chris: Does Chris Ivory have terrible luck or what? Talented but buried in N.O. Will he be moved this year? Could Chris Ivory be the second RB in the Titans’ 2014 RBBC? I think most NFL teams could use a Chris Ivory, but sadly he remains RB4 for the Saints, and the Saints somehow find a new useful RB as an undrafted rookie almost every year. Nobody signs players to RFA tender deals because the pick’s more valuable than trading it and then having to sign a player to a big-money deal.

Is Vince Wilfork actually 325 pounds? Why can’t a kicker move back an extra couple of yards to avoid blocked kicks? If Wilfork is 325 pounds, I’m a supermodel with 0% body fat. I’m not. A few years ago, NFL teams went from lining up for a field goal 7 yards back from the line of scrimmage to 8. Since a long-snapper has two jobs, snap for punts and field goals, adding a yard or two “change up” might not work so well.

Is Adrian Peterson actually bionic? Is beer better than bacon? That’s enough. We know that Adrian Peterson is the Terminator. I’ll tell you one thing on beer and bacon. Together is not as good as separate.

Via “kaalucat”: Keep Quizz or Vincent Brown? PPR + return yards (1 per 10) Quizz=8th round – Brown=18th round. Otherwise standard scoring. Quizz isn’t taking you to the prom. All delusions of him being a starting RB went out the window with the Steven Jackson signing. Yes, I’m aware that Shonn Greene got more money to back up CJFUk than Jackson got to start in Atlanta. Thanks for noticing. As much as Mike Smith says he believes in the magical powers of Quizz as a three-down RB, his actions say hell no. Vincent Brown’s going to be the WR1 in San Diego. That probably won’t mean a ton, but he’s a flex guy.

From Brian Bulmer: What’s your take on RGIII running soon?
I think QB is deeper than ever. I’m a guy who has drafted Elvis Grbac and Jake Plummer in redrafts for a keeper league. This year, waiting on QB is going to be great. Not only is QB deep, it’s young. The problem with drafting RGIII as your QB1 is that you’re going to need to take a QB2 early “just in case”.

My quick take on Titans free-agent signings. In short, most of these moves were made for depth. The question remains: how good are the starters? 2013 will tell the tale.

Kevin Walter: “wily veteran” who probably has as much left in the tank as Steve Hutchinson

Chris Spencer: Probably better hung over than LeRoy Harris sober

Rob Turner: Started a lot of games last year, but it was for the Rams

Andy Levitre: Honestly, had you heard of him before this year’s free agency?

Shonn Greene: Two 1000-yard seasons, which is one more than LenDale White

George Wilson: Leadership, which is great on the bench

Bernard Pollard: This is his fifth team, which is the sign of a guy who’s just good enough to stay in the league

Moise Fokou: Needed depth for oft-injured Colin McCarthy

Sammie Hill: If you’re a 300-pound guy named Sammie, you have to be tough

Ropati Pitoitua: more DL depth

Delanie Walker: Everyone says that he can’t catch. If you got 30 targets a year you’d be rusty too.

Ryan Fitzpatrick: You won’t believe where this guy went to college. A younger, mobile-er Hasselbeck who will not challenge Locker for the starting gig. Think four years is enough grooming time for Rusty?

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