Fantasy Files: Zach’s got a new gig, um, two gigs

Changes are coming, but not for you, dear readers. If you have been wondering why I haven’t posted much content other than the interviews in the past few weeks, it’s time to level with y’all.

In the final month of 2012, I accepted an offer to write for This is a new site with a pretty good URL. I haven’t written for a site since going on the DL for Bleacher Report last August and working on a startup is a new experience. Jake “all in” Ciely is the fantasy football editor and Mike Beacom is behind the venture. I started posting articles in March and the site went live on Thursday. Here’s what I have posted so far.

Top 10 2012 RB Performances: I’m still getting my feet wet on rankings so I agreed to do some of the NFL Films-like top tens. Checking out 2012 stats brings up bad memories like Doug Martin almost outscoring my fantasy team by himself. It also reminds people that one Shonn Greene had a top ten day. Note that the Titans are the only team in the NFL with two running backs who had top-ten single-game fantasy performances in 2012.

Free Agents Signings with Impact: There are times when you write for a site that you get assigned an article that is well-trod ground. I didn’t pick the Rashard Mendenhall picture, but his expression while wearing the Steelers’ 2012 bumblebee jersey is pretty good. What I did to make the article concept a little more interesting was to compare each player to a type of chip. Jared Cook is Doritos, because people get the munchies when they (allegedly) smoke pot and whoever green-lit this signing for the Rams (allegedly) smoked a lot that day.

2013 Rookie Rankings Defense: I’m in one IDP league, so I took up the challenge of researching the defensive rookies. This isn’t really a ranking as much as getting the names out there, because where these guys are drafted is critical. I do wonder if fantasy sites will start allowing players to start at multiple positions like they do in baseball since so many of these guys are linebacker/defensive end “tweeners”. I did write this about a month before it published, and I’m glad that the mainstream rankings haven’t made them that far out of date.

Top 10 2012 TE Performances: There weren’t as many one-week wonders at tight end as there were at RB. The list included the usual suspects like Graham, Gronk, Gonzalez, and (G)Witten. The one note I found interesting about Witten was that he set a career high in catches but a career low in yards per catch. What lacerated spleen?

There will be more. I should be posting one to two articles a week on the site and I will link to ‘em on the Twitter machine.

Next on Zach on Sports, I’ll write about how I got pulled back into Bleacher Report. I’ll be covering the Titans during NFL Draft Weekend. OK, that about covers it.

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