Bleacher Report: Back with the Bleach for Draft Weekend

I’ll start with a brief background on how I originally got hooked up with the Bleach. Thanks to Twitter, I got a gig writing for a Titans Blog creatively named I had interviewed Michael Schottey of Bleacher Report around that time. The blog died and Schottey smartly scooped up a lot of the writers, including Christopher Hansen, Alex Miglio, and Brad Hill, to be Featured Columnists for the site. I wrote about the Titans, and occasionally the NFL, for five months before burning out on the “beat writer” experience.

I got an e-mail a couple of weeks ago from Collin McCollough (I’ll try to be less name-droppy) inviting me to be the Titans’ Bleacher Report Draft Correspondent. They would pay me to cover the draft for the Titans. That’s convenient because I was going to do that anyway, but this time I have to spell everyone’s name correctly and attribute sources and all that nonsense.

A few days ago I received the marching orders, which listed the specific articles to write/update, when to post them, and all that jazz. We’re looking at about 15 articles to complete between Thursday morning and Sunday.

The main article is a recap of every pick with analysis and grades (we draftniks sure love our premature grades). The article starts as a placeholder and at the end of the weekend will reflect the entire Titans’ draft weekend. The second was a full Titans draft mock. I used my experience with Mock Six last week to help in choosing players. I wasn’t as lazy as I wanted to be and only took two players from that draft.

It was fun to get back in the Bleacher Report world, receiving the multiple notifications about editors looking at the work, getting comments, and the coveted “Hot Read” bronze medal for 1000 reads on my mock. I love my stats.

On the way home from the gym, I had an e-mail regarding the content of my mock. I had referenced a Rob Rang rumor that the Titans were looking to trade down. The problem is the link was inside a Pro Football Talk article and rules state that you need to reference the primary source. I went to Rob’s blog on the CBS site and the blog post was not there. I had to kill an entire paragraph. That’s the glamorous life of journalism for you.

On night one, I’m drinking a La Croix Pamplemousse (French for grapefruit) while waiting for my dinner to cool and the draft to start. Tonight I get to update the big article and write one more about whoever the Titans pick at 10. If they trade, I’ll probably end up writing about that. Time will tell. I’ll update my progress in this here blog.

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