Fantasy Files: Rookie Draft Plans Foiled

A brief encounter on Twitter with Sigmund Bloom last night reminded me of a fantasy axiom that I had forgotten. Every player has value. I made a cheap joke at the expense of Titus Young, making him the fantasy football version of Enron stock. Bloom retorted that a savvy, or just lucky, owner could have sold him off as a profit before last season due to hype. There is no grand lesson in this exchange, just another conversation at the endless Twitter bar.

One of my many ideas heading into this year’s rookie draft was to pick up some tight end depth. It looks like another owner had the same idea, and unfortunately he had the selection two in front of me. Yep, the same guy took Eifert at 1.09 and Kelce at 2.09. I don’t see any of the other TEs in this class having starter capability, although there are some projects.

We completed the first round in a day, but the second round was slow going, as the Eagles (we’re use NFL franchise names) decided to trade down twice. The trade from 2.03 to 2.05 yielded a move up from 5.06 to 4.01. On the clock at 2.05, he wanted to trade again. Ben, my British insomniac friend, tried to trade for the pick and immediately offer it to me for some package including Ryan Broyles. I mulled it over and thought, why not make a deal for the pick myself? I offered my 2.11 and 5.11 for 2.05, literally just throwing it out there. The Eagles responded with 2.11 and 4.11 for 2.05. Before I could decide, he dumped that offer and changed it to a 2014 2 and 4.

We know psychologically that a “now” pick is worth more than a “future” pick, but is it really? The obvious difference between a 2013 and 2014 pick is that I know who I can get in 2013. I don’t know, although everyone’s talking as if the 2014 draft is going to be like the 2008 RB haul but at all positions. At the worst, those picks are going to be 2.12 and 4.12 and could be as high as 2.01 and 4.01 (my team would have to have an epic collapse). I didn’t have to give up my 2.11, for which I had very specific 2013 plans, so I took the deal. I drafted Justin Hunter.

Pick 2.08 was up, and I predrafted Stedman Bailey, E.J. Manuel, and Travis Kelce for 2.11. The Bills owner traded up for the second time to get a Bills player, taking Manuel at 2.08. Kelce went at 2.09. I took Bailey. I kind of wanted Kelce.

A haul of Zac Stacy, Justin Hunter, and Stedman Bailey isn’t so shabby. My 3.11 pick turned into Tony Gonzalez, so I got a tight end after all. I just don’t have one for 2014 yet.

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