Fantasy Files: Rookie Post Mortem

I’ll do a different style of a rookie draft post mortem. I’ll post my picks because it’s my blog, then we’ll look at the picks by position.

Draft time:
1.11: Zac Stacy
2.05: Justin Hunter
2.11: Stedman Bailey
4.11: Kiko Alonso
5.11: Kerwynn Williams
6.11: Chris Thompson

OK, that was fun. I’ll post the picks by position with a little comment.

QB time:
2.08 E.J. Manuel: I’d have to look up the past six years of drafts, but I’m pretty sure this is the latest first QB taken in our league’s history. I can’t hate the pick.
3.03 Geno Smith: Brian traded up to get Smith, and he immediately fired himself as GM for doing so. In a redraft, sure, you’d have to be desperate, but Smith has tools. Can he handle New York media?
4.01 Matt Barkley: The Eagles took him. How ironic.
4.12 Tyler Wilson: Brian took two QBs in this once in a lifetime QB class. That’s why he’s the two-time champ. Yes, we are dumb.
6.02 Tyler Bray: Two straight Tylers, and he gets the pick over a few guys who were actually drafted.
6.10: Zac Dysert: Josh Norris took him, so we’re talking Canton. Dysert can take Osweiler, maybe not in a cage fight but in terms of being the heir apparent at QB.

1.01 Giovani Bernard: Is that a sign against him if he can’t beat BJGE? BJGE kept Ridley and Vereen on the bench, so he may need a year or so.
1.02 Le’Veon Bell: Note that this is a Steeler fan picking Bell. In terms of year one potential, nobody has more.
1.03 Eddie Lacy: Ol Ben traded up to take the Alabama stud.
1.04 Montee Ball: That’s a pretty good spot for Ball, and that’s the same spot in which Joseph Addai went a few years ago and I could see that kind of production.
1.06 Marcus Lattimore: He’s gone through the roof thanks to the 49ers taking him. I don’t know. He wasn’t an Adrian Peterson-level prospect before the multiple knee surgeries. Then again, wait until you see who I took.
1.10 Johnathan Franklin: Generally speaking in fantasy drafts, doubling down on one position for one team isn’t a good move. In a dynasty league, you have to think about it. Ben knows that he’ll get the long-term starter in Green Bay, and yes, they used to run the ball really well.
1.11 Zac Stacy: A fifth-round rookie in the first round? That may be a first.
2.04 Christine Michael: This is a pick by Glen of the Bills, who had five second-round picks. Robert Turbin’s learning the Not for Long lesson, isn’t he?
2.07 Joseph Randle: I spent a few years taking the latest Cowboys backup RB. DeMarco Murray is the peanut brittle of football players, so maybe he’ll be the RB3 behind Lance Dunbar (yes, I have Murray and Dunbar on my roster).
2.12 Andre Ellington: The second Cardinals RB drafted is taken here. It’s a name recognition game.
3.01 Knile Davis: I call him this year’s Chris Henry (RB).
3.05 Mike Gillislee: He could win the job in Miami. Young Josh Norris took him, so probably a good pick.
3.06 Latavius Murray: Darren McFadden’s backup is a good bargain.
3.09 Stepfan Taylor: I could see him winning the least desirable fantasy RB position in the NFL, the Arizona Cardinals.
3.10 Kenjon Barner: Barner looks like a long-term third-down back.
4.02 Miguel Maysonet: Yeah, that might have been a reach. It’s going to be tough for Maysonet to make the Eagles’ roster.
5.11 Kerwynn Williams: He probably has the upside of a third-down guy in Indy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he eventually gets a shot to start.
6.08 Mike James: No relation to Rick. He’s a plodder but could be Doug Martin insurance.
6.11 Chris Thompson: Here’s one more guy who could be a third-down back and maybe, just maybe he takes a shot at Alfred.

1.05 Tavon Austin: I’ve seen him go 1.01. To trade down from 1.03 and still get WR with the best opportunity is pretty solid.
1.07 Cordarrelle Patterson: We love running backs in this league, so Patterson at 1.07 is pretty darn stout.
1.08 DeAndre Hopkins: I think he’s the long-term WR1 in Houston.
1.12 Markus Wheaton: The 1.12 pick always seems to work out pretty well. The Steelers better draft well this year.
2.01 Robert Woods: The Bills take a Bill. Maybe I’m biased against USC wideouts.
2.03 Keenan Allen: Matt Waldman’s making me a believer about this cat. One thing you don’t hear about often is a WR who had to deal with a bad QB coming to the NFL. I think that will help with Philip Rivers.
2.05 Justin Hunter: History repeats itself as I trade up into the second round to get Justin Hunter. He’s used to a QB with somewhat shaky accuracy.
2.11 Stedman Bailey: I had to get me a Stedman.
3.02 Aaron Dobson: Wicked value, right?
3.07 Terrance Williams: Baylor had a nice trio of wideouts in 2010, didn’t they?
3.12 Quinton Patton: The late third round is a great place to get a WR who may need a year or two to get a starting shot.
4.03 Marquise Goodwin: The fourth round is an even better place to get a speedster who hopefully isn’t the next Yamon Figurs.
4.06 Josh Boyce: It’s another Josh Norris pick. The Patriots look a little shall we say thin at WR.
4.09 Da’Rick Rogers: Upside, downside, all things are possible.
5.03 Chris Harper: A Seahawk takes a Seahawk. The Seahawks don’t have a lot of talent at WR.
5.05 Kenny Stills: Take a WR from a great offense. See what happens.
6.01 Ryan Swope: Fell in the draft, hard to say where he fits in in Arizona, but maybe he has a little T.Y. Hilton in him.
6.03 Charles Johnson: The Packers draft pretty well at WR and there’s been a lot of buzz for the small-school prospect.
6.05 Corey Fuller: The Lions have been looking for a WR2 for a while.
6.06 Denard Robinson: Probably not going to make a fantasy impact but his real NFL impact will be interesting to follow.
6.12 Aaron Mellette: The Ravens draft all right so this is a great “Mr. Irrelevant” pick.

I’ll post the tight ends and IDP selections tomorrow. Happy no football Saturday.

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  1. Brian Henry May 11, 2013 at 2:42 pm #

    “The Ravens draft all right so this is a great “Mr. Irrelevant” pick.” That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me.

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