Fantasy Files: Dynasty Thoughts

I am like a mock drafting shark. I need to keep drafting or I will die. The DFW mock that I started what seems like many moons ago is about to reach the end. I’ll summarize my amazing picks below. I also just joined a DLF dynasty mock, because I’m too wussy to do a real draft. These are the first dynasty drafts I’ve attempted in a few years, so be gentle.

I’m seeing patterns from the redrafts that I’ve done and witnessed so far this year. RB-RB seems the way to go, QB and TE can go late, WR is pretty deep, all that jazz. Dynasty’s not quite the same. You really have to think two or three years ahead. I’m not going to project any further than that.

The DFW draft:
QB: Tom Brady (6.11), E.J. Manuel (13.02), Matt Barkley (16.11)
Unlike my Zealots league, we only have 20 roster spots, so it’s a good idea to have a no-duh starting QB. Brady was the 10th QB off the board and I don’t really get it. MFL has him projected for a 5100-yard passing year with 44 total touchdowns. I just need Manuel to be a backup and perhaps in three or four theoretical years, after Brady’s lost another Super Bowl or two, Manuel will be the guy. Rookie QBs seemed like better “lottery ticket” bets than boring veterans. Apologies to those who are related to boring veterans.

RB: Adrian Peterson (1.02), DeMarco Murray (3.02), Vick Ballard (5.02), Mike Gillislee (10.11), Michael Bush (14.11), Kerwynn Williams (19.02)
I was on the elliptical when I took Peterson, who may not be a great super long-term investment. Honestly though, can you really project five years in the future with running backs? For fun, I looked at the top-five running backs from 2007. We have Adrian Peterson, Frank Gore, Willis McGahee, Steven Jackson, and MJD. Dang, all five of those guys might play in 2013. Peterson/Murray/Ballard are my starters (there’s a flex) and the other three are not so strong. I have no flexibility in case of injury, or DeMarco Murray. Note that RBs 6-10 in 2007 were Reggie Bush, Ryan Grant, Brandon Jacobs, Ronnie Brown, and DeAngelo Williams.

WR: Percy Harvin (2.11), Jordy Nelson (4.11), T.Y. Hilton (7.02), Danario Alexander (9.02), Ryan Broyles (12.11), Stedman Bailey 15.02)

I really like the top four, and other than Alexander, you’re looking at guys who should be able to contribute for the three-year window. In three years, Broyles is either a top-24 WR or out of the league. I just love drafting a guy named Stedman.

TE: Tony Gonzalez (8.11), Jordan Cameron (11.02), Jordan Reed (17.02)

I like this theory of layering a top veteran TE who gives me one great year with a young potential up-and-coming guy in Cameron. RGIII didn’t target his TEs too much last year but Reed’s a good rookie to throw in there.

K: Greg Zuerlein (18.11): I might need to get a jersey.

Maybe it’s because the only dynasty leagues I’ve ever played in are IDP, but I really don’t like having a team defense in this league. That’s why I’m taking one with the second-to-last pick in the draft (20.11). Somebody took the Seahawks in the 14th round, so this draft isn’t as crazy as the redrafts I’ve seen with the Seahawks or 49ers going in the 7th or 8th round.

I’m glad to have this opportunity to test out some dynasty theories, even if I don’t end up in a real league.

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